The Black Boot Diaries – Got Cryptic? (Updated)

(Added #6).

Apologies to the casual reader. This is going to be one of those that in order to get the full picture you’d have to know some things that you likely don’t. This is in reference to the cryptic text down a few posts about being well into the impossible. I cannot go into details about where and who because I’d likely be fired (and though that is likely on someone’s agenda, I’m betting not just yet).

Jumping right in, let’s skip the part where this is just another ridiculous, elaborate prank (that is, me being assigned to the location in question) or yet another fruitless attempt to get me to do something really naughty. This is what I referred to as impossible one of the places I’ve been assigned for work, But of course it isn’t impossible unless you think I’ve imagined everything you have read on this blog. I haven’t. The “coincidence” in this case is well beyond that possibility.

As stated before, if I had worked on a Carlyle Group project in NYC, I’d have given them the same service as any other client. I leave my status as a member of the Green party at the door as I did as a Democrat back then. Someone is paying for a service and whether or not I like them, agree with their goals and business practices, like their politics, is in the work context, irrelevant. (Except when it isn’t, but that’s just conversation with people I work with, not plots of armed insurrection.) This client has and will continue to receive my best.

But let’s just skip the part about me for a moment. That comes into play indirectly, but to the matter at hand.

The possibilities:

1) Just “one of those things.” That is, the corpse in question came into contact with something that just happened to kill her at work while presenting a report. I find this unlikely because the timing would seem to be sending a message of some kind, as well as the matter of death (something like an aneurism in one lung).

2) She was exposed to something at work. Possible, but like my old job in asbestos abatement in the 90s (and the night I thought I was coughing up blood in early 2010, the “me” part, my discovery of last year’s event designed to panic?), this woman dealt with data and was not required in areas where such exposure might occur.

Also, we don’t see other employees coughing up blood and dying. However, it is not impossible that she was careless given the possibility that she thought herself safe from exposure to what one instructor i had liked to refer to generically as ethyl-methyl-death or what-have-you.

But I also find this unlikely. Again, this had all the earmarks of sending a message. But to whom? And what is the message?

3) The owner had it done in order to send a message about how his data is presented, what it says, etc. Without knowing what the report said, what it meant, any potential violations of regulations (it’s not as if we actually have some sort of Environmental Protection Agency anyway, is it?) it’s impossible to know if that could have been a motive. There’s always the possibility that she was talking to the EPA on the sly, but then this seems a bit like overkill, so to speak. Surely there are easier ways to deal with a leak that wouldn’t insight the unwanted attention of some kind of bureau of investigation on the federal level, if the US had one. I have it on good authority that we don’t.

And how in the hell, if they are paying that close attention, did I manage to get assigned there?

But still not entirely out of the question.

4) The enemy of the owner did it, either to send a message or to frame the owner.

I’d have to say this is also perhaps not out of the question given other recent factors. Or if not the enemy of the owner, people of similar (and more radical) philosophy.

But then why her? Only motive would be to frame, to make #3 seem likely.

But, I’m leaning towards:

5) Still our friends at NATO. They spend their time making life difficult for pretty much everyone. They divide and conquer. And this would serve to increase the paranoia on both sides of this conflict.

But of course there’s no way for me to know. This happened last year and I’ve only been assigned there for less than a month. Perhaps I should wait to post my thoughts about it at all. But then I can’t help noticing how the discovery of this event, this death, came right on the heels of those other three situations all involving young women (car accident, potential missing person, and sudden seizure at the grocery store).

And I suppose there is something in me that still doesn’t want to believe that it’s as simple as #3. It might fit the profile. I have to recognize my own biases where wanting to see better in people is concerned.

And then there’s the combination of #3 and #5. No way of knowing what connections there are there for certain. No way of separating truth from fiction where the owner’s bad press is concerned or what the alliances might be. Mere hints and rumors at this point.

Or for that matter, the combination of #4 and #5. If NATO is running pretty much everything from Anonymous to Al Qaeda, then why not some radical inexplicably capable ecoterrorist group as well? (That is, blame ELF or whoever and make it appear that way). Lines up with the BP spill analysis I did quite a while back that would seem something the radical phony version of Obama that FOX likes to paint for us would want. Same with the Japanese reactor meltdown. Appears as though some radical group wants to change the world the hard way. But that kind of power lay with those who don’t really have things like the Kyoto treaty as priority at all. Which points to false-flaggery.

UPDATE: 6) Or a perverse reverse psychology version of #3 where the point was to make it look like #4 disguised as #3. Can’t rule that out either.

Or am I being naive? Are #3 and #4 how they all operate? I just can’t quite believe that even the powerful in this country quite get away with murder like this.

The defense and intelligence sectors, on the other hand…

That’s where it is. I should wait for more data but…

Personally, I find The Case of the Epileptic Girl Scout far more intriguing as far as distractions go.

It was done with lasers or flashing lights, wasn’t it? Ye olde Pokemon effect. Get the parents to spend all that time and effort looking for the cause, paying all those deductibles and co-pays, searching for answers when it was just you. Or is she bulimic or anorexic and you slipped her something to push her over into cranial malfunction? Gotta be one of those.



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