Another Rampage

Minnesota Shooter Blames Noisy Cars, “Fake Plates” (Mobile Version)

And yet again we have signs that mefloquine or something similar may be in use against people on US soil by NATO as part of a larger campaign to crack down on anything, everything and everyone. Causes sensory stimuli to seem bigger (ergo, the cars are “noisier”) as well as schizophrenic-like symptoms. It should be noted that mefloquine does not in itself cause violence. See the tag for more on that.

There has been so much other news I’m not going to link to it all. These two in particular I find interesting.

Attorney General Holder and others, in what sounds suspiciously like tortured English, state that drones can only be used to kill US citizens who are engaged “in combat” against the US. Of course what that means is not explained.

In what could very well be the answer, DoD is stating that “cyber threats” are bigger problems than conventional terrorism.

By writing this blog, am I “in combat” against the United States in the eyes of these traitorous pricks? I didn’t sign up for fascism, a military overthrow of my government, thank you very much. It’s treason not to speak out about it.

That’s generally all. Watched a film, a French-Canadian thing called Tall Man. While on the surface it might remind one of the CIA’s Finders program, used to kidnap children and send them off to places like Saudi Arabia in order to keep the depraved and powerful happy, it is in actuality a neoliberal conspiracy behind what happens in the film.

But then that’s how it always goes, isn’t it? French, American, and even Russian revolutions all stemmed from overreaching powers. Radicalism begets radicalism nearly every time.

That is all.