New Infernis Chapter

This one (Chapter 16) (also requiring a lot of work) goes out to Admiral Stansfield Turner, who testified before the Senate in 1977 about MK/Ultra and enumerated in general terms the many subprojects including controlling the behavior of animals. He is, I think, still around and I read he was at a CIA Christmas party (2010 or 2011).

Hey, do you think they do Secret Santa? Give each other exploding ballpoint pens and spycams?

Naw, more likely they all trade insider trading tips.

I think the chapter is probably also about big pharma and healthcare, but what do I know? I just type the words.

The chapter numbers mean little at this point. They will be undoubtedly re-jumbled as I know more. Hey, I’ve only just figured out what it is I’m trying to do with the thing. I’ll even be posting the epilogue (but not the “ending”) at some point in the coming weeks no doubt to celebrate that discovery.

And a heartfelt thanks to Billy Joel and his high school crush (and the resulting 1977 hit song), without whom I’d have had to think of another quote to include that I likely would not have found anywhere near as hilarious. *

That stain-glassed curtain you’re hiding behind
Never lets in the Sun…

Sooner or later it comes down to fate.

* Songs quoted do not necessarily indicate the musical tastes of the author.


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