Tank, Heart, and Iraq WMD

Three items plus. Got word last week that Mike “Tank” Karbon’s toxicology report showed that he had a heart attack though the M.E. found no reason for one. No other suspicious drugs found to explain it. Sounds like electronics.

Two, the rapid heartbeat problem I had for, I lost track, a week or nine days or so, ended a few days ago. Chest felt like someone had been beating on it with a sledge hammer. Additionally, an employee at that place I sometimes work has had the same problem chronically and her doctor can’t find the cause.

Finally, as should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention, fresh evidence that both CIA and MI6 had good reason to know Iraq had no active WMDs (mobile version) much less a program prior to the invasion. They are both neckdeep in GLADIO C (or it might be D, who can keep track really?) of determining the policies of as many countries as possible (including their own) through black ops.

They are also likely responsible for most Organized Stalking activities. CIA may not have its own satellites, but their private partners certainly do.

Speaking of GLADIO and satellites, Sibel Edmonds has this page that also includes the world’s and US’ largest defense contracts (first two links under notes). You will likely find some of those names familiar if you’ve read this blog. L-3 most recently, then there’s CACI, SAIC, and BAE Systems (the one who with the help of people in the Pentagon discredited a purple heart medal of honor recipient, Dakota Meyer).

And a story about how prosecutors went after Aaron Swartz but hypocritically ignored drone software theft.

Long live the Kleptocracy.


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