Disappearances in Magic Valley

This story (mobile version). Dogs disappearing in mysteriously Magic Valley, Idaho, police puzzled.

Likely not really much to do with the purpose of this blog, but something to blog about tonight.

Several interesting possible scenario variants and way too early to pin down since we don’t yet have much to go on but here goes anyway. (And even if it does turn out as weird or weirder than the possibilities I’m playing with below, I just don’t have room in Infernis to incorporate it!).

One or two young men, probably between the ages of 17 and 26. They may be acting out part of the plotline from 30 Days of Night (the film, the comic is several stories I understand, don’t think I’ve read them or if so not much).

In the film, a boatload of vampires descend on a town. First they send a forward team to remove the dogs and cell phones. If cell phones start disappearing (or already have) then you may have just that.

A (not so) funny story regarding the so-called “Vampire clan” (this story here, you may have seen this ringleader in some specials on those various true crime channels and maybe I think HBO).

When those guys passed through Kentucky, the stopped in Murray (where I went to college and close to where I attended high school), where one or more of them were from. There, they broke into the local dog pound and murdered several puppies by cutting off their feet. This was of course in preparation for the murders they later committed in Florida.

Anyway, the (not so) funny part, how I know about that, my ex-partner and his friends were initially blamed by the local police for the break-in and dog mutilations because they were goth-y. You know, wore black, painted fingernails, etc. though they really were more punk when it came to musical tastes and my ex tended to die his hair back then various bright colors. Once Murray PD got word about the murders in Florida they knew they had the wrong people.

It occurs to me that the entire vampire murder mess may have been related to NK/Intra. Why not? I’ve “stumbled” into so many unbelievable situations * , why not one more?

And so, there is also the possibility of an upcoming Pont-St.-Esprit-like event in Magic Valley, Idaho. Why not?

The goal is in part to create an old timey, fire-and-brimstone revival in order to get a majority of Americans to go along with the draconian measures that NATO has coming down the pike. What better place to stage a “mysterious” event than a place called Magic Valley? Dogs disappear, weird stuff happens. If you’re having a problem understanding just how superstitious your fellow American is, and how most “educational channels” cater to this now, you either need to get out more, or less.

Yet another variant, the dogs are “joining” coyote packs (like Canis Doofus seemed to do). I use the quotes because it is my belief that they likely mate with dogs and then turn on and eat them. Coyotes being practically everywhere in N’Am, not impossible.

The point is, who knows? And why should they with all this secrecy? No question that the program is active, merely when and where it’s actually being used.

By the way, off-topic (sorta) but in case I haven’t said it on this blog before, isn’t it strange that so many violent shootings occurred at Virginia Tech? I mean, what else is in Virginia that might explain…

Oh. Right.

But they never told you the price it would pay,
The things that you might have done.

* Working (indirectly) for Bain Capital / Romney, working (indirectly) for Koch, working for OFA (actually my choice for once…I think), noticing a pair of suspicious characters near Gracey Mansion just following 9/11, Squidgate, and of course the many, many other bizarre things I have documented here.


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