Magic Valley Follow-Up

In the vein of 3-D chess or the Big Picture there is another explanation or two.

First, one should take a look at just why it’s called Magic Valley. Doesn’t take a “high-functioning sociopath” to figure out that the area is a high risk terror threat region.

Next, the likelihood that this was a trap or a diversion. I mean, how could I miss the story with even a cursory review of the paper?

Which either means they are attempting to divert resources, to discover who precisely shows up to check things out, or both. Assuming that there is anyone.

Of course the risk being what it is, overlooking the other possibilities is not an option. Pretty brilliant in that regard.

As for finding the “vampire’s lair,” should be simple and given the location of these occurrences I am both disappointed and surprised it hasn’t already been done. There must be a low-budget method as well as the obvious not-so-cheap one. You kids are smart and I am sure, I am assuming, you’re way ahead of me.


It could be worse. They might be taking two of each animal (though then you could just look for who is building the big boat).


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