THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – More Car Trouble, etc.

Various things going on which I am largely ignoring. Fifth and sixth car issues since mid-February, this time loose or bad universal joints and a bad axle or similar.

There have also been friends with phantom illnesses, and some other things that I consider to be attempts at distraction. Like I said, largely ignoring.

Here’s a Daily Mail article on being promoted because for being a good little nazi who ignores court orders on the destruction of torture evidence. You’ll also see photos of a couple of propaganda pieces designed to convince the gullible that these self-serving monsters are doing this s*** to protect Joe Citizen and (if the banks these people are in bed with haven’t already taken it) his wittle house, as opposed to the sheer enjoyment of inflicting pain that sadistic psychopaths enjoy and the serendipitous bonus of it aiding multinational corporations turn the United States into a third world country of rich and poor with nothing in between. Defenders of cheap labor and the corporate jet.

Also a photo of Obama’s top spook John Brennan who recently inherited the job of whatever it is people do when they pretend to run CIA after CIA stomps your boss’s guts for daring to suggest something like the Open Government Directive. Bad Chief Executive, bad!

(Plus NATO and GLADIO. Gotta mention those as often as possible. How’s it connected to the above? Shhhh. Quiet now. Don’t ask questions, they don’t like that).

UPDATE: And WaPo’s article on same.


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