THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – No Decent Title (Updated)

…only a boy, early twenties perhaps, physiologically. His face is a little lopsided, the cheekbone flatter on the left than the right. His ears are too big. He looks almost natural.

UPDATE: After further thought, I am going to reduce this to: Ryan Lanza has a similar hair style and perhaps build (don’t know how tall he is) and ears to “Janus”; also the “coincidence” that I have had the name Ryan on the brain for months (likely after the shootings took place).

Still weird, yes, but I’d say a zero chance of it having been Ryan Lanza in the store is the point.

I am leaving this up anyway. Think there are a few useful points to document even if I might not have posted it if I’d had more time to think about it and not had that strange “urge” to do so earlier today. Hard to fight subliminals when they are just using your own momentum against you.

(Well played).

(I will likely make additions and any necessary corrections over the next day or so. I’ve been tinkering with this post for hours now and am concerned it’s not as clear as it could be. Such is having your head messed with in order to confuse, it’s sometimes difficult to sort out).

Need to recap a few things. But before I proceed, let me extend my condolences to all involved in the Red Hook shooting. It it not at all my intent to diminish the seriousness of that incident. On the contrary, I am looking for the truth.

That the details are ghoulish, rather depressing, perhaps frightening means these topics are difficult to discuss even when it does not involve what I think it likely does.

Next, I need to recap some things. All or most of these details are on this blog but finding them buried perhaps hundreds of posts down wouldn’t be easy. Someone who reads regularly may or may not recall them.

This relates to the Red Hook shooting primarily, but in order to get there, I need to remind some folks of other bizarre things that happened before that.

While living in Minneapolis, I did not have cable nor even a TV. My typical means of getting news involved hitting the paper dispensers on the way to jog, scanning the headlines from front pages through the window, and then after the jog reading a paper or two and finding anything related on my mobile via WiFi or 3G.

So when Heath and I decided to go to the movies one day, my phone and/or Google suddenly decided I was not in the Twin Cities area but rather Arizona:


This was hours, I think, after the shooting that involved Democratic Member of Congress Gabrielle Giffords.

Then, the third week of August 2012, I met a fellow who I fancied a little and it turned out that his name was James (Something) Holmes. This occurred mere months after that shooting and not long after my blogging about it here on the twenty-first of July and after.

And, more recently I lamented (kind of) the fact that whoever it is that is harassing me (likely the CIA or its surrogates) had not yet used the obvious move. They had not used “Janus” as a means of attempting to drive me to violence, suicide, or at least to do something to get arrested and the f*** off of the Internet, or failing all of that, to (further?) discredit myself by sounding like a “conspiracy theorist” or a nutcase.

But I need to go back to who Janus is for a moment before proceeding.

December 8, 2009 – The Open Government Directive is released. That same day, two weeks after a similar event involving American Amy Goodman attempting to leave Canada, former marine biologist turned science fiction writer, a Canadian, had an incident on the border while headed back to Canada. This resulted in his arrest and trial. This event and the surrounding subevents are known as Squidgate. (Squid being a nickname for marine biologists).

Some days after this my comic book’s website (that had not yet been even advertised, made public) was visited by INSCOM (that’s US Army intelligence), I began noticing psychological harassment (and later realized it started in 2005 or so, depending on how you define it), and was drugged with a substance or substances unknown. Among the effects, a feeling of euphoria.

(See the MK/Ultra May 5, 1955 draft memo that survived the director’s destruction order in the back of the 1977 Senate hearing report on the subject, items 11 and 12:

11. Substances which will produce “pure” euphoria with no subsequent let-down.

12. Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.


This feeling began some days after the incident. Probably somewhere in the 13th to 19th area.

On the 23rd of December 2009, the fire at the Conway condo occurred.

Just giving some perspective. There were bomb threats and suspicious trucks at work and nearby Times Square. There was the strange heart palpitations that prevented the judge (Monoghan) from conducting the preliminary examination in the Watts border case on the day it was orginally scheduled (it got moved to the 22nd).

Then, on January 3, 2010, while sitting behind the counter at E&H Deli, around the corner from where I then lived, an odd thing occurred.

There were I think three people in line. I hardly noticed them. I was composing a letter in my head to try to get the Watts case dismissed. I was thinking Bernie Sanders might be a good recipient.

Then, wham!

I glanced up and there was a bottle on the counter near me. It had the shape of a laundry detergent bottle but was actually kitty litter.

I should note here that in my drugged and confused state, I took that as a symbol for Peter Watts himself. He rescues cats and in fact, due to being in jail when the news broke, used his PayPal donation button normally used for helping to pay cat upkeep costs for his legal defense fund.

Note that in the previous posts regarding this event I left out a few details. Convinced that, whoever this person was, he was in danger, early on I was concerned about saying too much about his appearance.

Then, later, I decided to withhold a few things in order to, like the police do, see if there might be some attempt to pull a doppelganger trick.

The person I saw closely resembled an old friend, a Parisian, except for a few details. Among them, the ears. They stuck out notably. But he had them sort of covered with his hair.

There was also the nose. Not really Wattsian, but it generally takes two to make babies. But it was larger than, let’s say, baseline. Prominent.

As I’ve also noted, when I first looked at him, there was a voice in my head (or seemed to be two) arguing over his age. “17. No, 22. 17! No, 22! 17!”

I might not have ever run across this photo if I hadn’t been asked by the Squidgate juror to try to see why her computer would not connect to certain web pages. (Running a tracert I found that after an AT&T server there was a long delay problem and then it turned to a Level-3 Communications server and just dies).

There it was. Not perfect, but damn:


Note that initial reports named Ryan instead of his younger, in-some-photos-similar-looking, brother Adam as the shooter:


Pictures of Adam Lanza do not match up much with who I saw (one of the reasons I never believed the “17” portion of that V2K message, the visitor was older, I was sure). But if his birthday was April 22, 1992, he’d have been 17 on 1/3/10. His brother may could not have been 22 (he is now 24).

I had, longtime readers may recall, taking to calling my mysterious visitor “R”. There were a number of reasons. Let’s recall drug-addled and harassed brain here, but one was Roadrunner, chosen after I was thinking of starting a blog named McCoyote, as in Wiley E. of cartoon fame.

There were other reasons as well. My guess on names included one or three that began with that letter. Ryan was one of them, though that didn’t become prominent (I had also thought of some D names) until more recently.

Yes, in my head, I’ve been calling him Ryan for months. Don’t know how many. Might have been after the shooting.

But here, like Minneapolis, I still don’t have my own cable or TV and, as you’ve likely noticed, don’t much watch anything but DVDs when I use someone else’s.

If you look at other photos of Ryan Lanza, you’ll see he tends to wear a hat to keep the ears from sticking out.

But then there’s why I took to referring to “R” as Janus in the first place. I recalled the similar build with the person I saw only eight days later hiding outside Jeremy Scahill’s place, when one of my dogs started growling at what seemed like nothing at all until he decided to come out of hiding and pretended to be throwing something away.

Same build but different facial features. It had been a disguise, I decided recently.

Now, unless it can be established that Ryan Lanza lived in Brooklyn (he now reportedly lives in Hoboken and works at Ernst & Young in midtown Manhattan), then I’m going with not him.

But nice try. At least it was at last played. Though I don’t really know what it means.

I’m under the impression that there’s more of this “you have ESP” nonsense going on. With V2K, we all kinda do. So, not a threat to national security because of mind-reading ability, folks, sorry.

Merely someone who knows beyond a doubt that there is some fairly sinister s*** going on and it includes some form of remote, electronic mind control or hypnosis via subliminals of some kind.