Quote of the Day

“Our disinformation program will be complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

Discovered here.


Tank, Heart, and Iraq WMD

Three items plus. Got word last week that Mike “Tank” Karbon’s toxicology report showed that he had a heart attack though the M.E. found no reason for one. No other suspicious drugs found to explain it. Sounds like electronics.

Two, the rapid heartbeat problem I had for, I lost track, a week or nine days or so, ended a few days ago. Chest felt like someone had been beating on it with a sledge hammer. Additionally, an employee at that place I sometimes work has had the same problem chronically and her doctor can’t find the cause.

Finally, as should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention, fresh evidence that both CIA and MI6 had good reason to know Iraq had no active WMDs (mobile version) much less a program prior to the invasion. They are both neckdeep in GLADIO C (or it might be D, who can keep track really?) of determining the policies of as many countries as possible (including their own) through black ops.

They are also likely responsible for most Organized Stalking activities. CIA may not have its own satellites, but their private partners certainly do.

Speaking of GLADIO and satellites, Sibel Edmonds has this page that also includes the world’s and US’ largest defense contracts (first two links under notes). You will likely find some of those names familiar if you’ve read this blog. L-3 most recently, then there’s CACI, SAIC, and BAE Systems (the one who with the help of people in the Pentagon discredited a purple heart medal of honor recipient, Dakota Meyer).

And a story about how prosecutors went after Aaron Swartz but hypocritically ignored drone software theft.

Long live the Kleptocracy.

New Infernis Chapter

This one (Chapter 16) (also requiring a lot of work) goes out to Admiral Stansfield Turner, who testified before the Senate in 1977 about MK/Ultra and enumerated in general terms the many subprojects including controlling the behavior of animals. He is, I think, still around and I read he was at a CIA Christmas party (2010 or 2011).

Hey, do you think they do Secret Santa? Give each other exploding ballpoint pens and spycams?

Naw, more likely they all trade insider trading tips.

I think the chapter is probably also about big pharma and healthcare, but what do I know? I just type the words.

The chapter numbers mean little at this point. They will be undoubtedly re-jumbled as I know more. Hey, I’ve only just figured out what it is I’m trying to do with the thing. I’ll even be posting the epilogue (but not the “ending”) at some point in the coming weeks no doubt to celebrate that discovery.

And a heartfelt thanks to Billy Joel and his high school crush (and the resulting 1977 hit song), without whom I’d have had to think of another quote to include that I likely would not have found anywhere near as hilarious. *

That stain-glassed curtain you’re hiding behind
Never lets in the Sun…

Sooner or later it comes down to fate.

* Songs quoted do not necessarily indicate the musical tastes of the author.

Another Rampage

Minnesota Shooter Blames Noisy Cars, “Fake Plates” (Mobile Version)

And yet again we have signs that mefloquine or something similar may be in use against people on US soil by NATO as part of a larger campaign to crack down on anything, everything and everyone. Causes sensory stimuli to seem bigger (ergo, the cars are “noisier”) as well as schizophrenic-like symptoms. It should be noted that mefloquine does not in itself cause violence. See the tag for more on that.

There has been so much other news I’m not going to link to it all. These two in particular I find interesting.

Attorney General Holder and others, in what sounds suspiciously like tortured English, state that drones can only be used to kill US citizens who are engaged “in combat” against the US. Of course what that means is not explained.

In what could very well be the answer, DoD is stating that “cyber threats” are bigger problems than conventional terrorism.

By writing this blog, am I “in combat” against the United States in the eyes of these traitorous pricks? I didn’t sign up for fascism, a military overthrow of my government, thank you very much. It’s treason not to speak out about it.

That’s generally all. Watched a film, a French-Canadian thing called Tall Man. While on the surface it might remind one of the CIA’s Finders program, used to kidnap children and send them off to places like Saudi Arabia in order to keep the depraved and powerful happy, it is in actuality a neoliberal conspiracy behind what happens in the film.

But then that’s how it always goes, isn’t it? French, American, and even Russian revolutions all stemmed from overreaching powers. Radicalism begets radicalism nearly every time.

That is all.

Who’s Got the Button

So much to cover, so little time. This one jumps around a bit, as usual, but limited time means limited editing as well. This should probably be three or four separate posts.

First, I was thinking of doing an entire post just on thoughts about the film The Button that I watched for the first time, but I don’t much see the point. Ultimately, it’s another “space aliens did it” piece, but to be fair, there’s some other things on the metaphorical level and I have not read the source material (the short story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson, best known as the author of I Am Legend, the story of the last human on Earth which has succumbed to a vampiric plague).

At first I was thinking “Oh, look, Langella’s character bit down on a cyanide capsule in his past” and “I wonder if this is at last a piece of fiction incorporating voice-to-skull, subliminal audio messages.”

Of course I was wrong on both counts. The mind control (cleverly given a dramatic idiosyncrasy of nose-bleeding) is psychic and originates from Langella’s character’s have been struck by lightning. The aliens control the lightning, you see.

I suppose that explains to some degree the weather games played in Minneapolis. As I’ve pointed out before, the trick was not so much controlling tornadoes as it was making sure I decided to take a walk when there was one. The attempt to convince me otherwise, well, that’s what they do.

That’s subliminal audio that got me out of the apartment that day or two. It was also hilarious when one of those days followed just after sending an email to Napolitano suggesting that Twain had been correct in saying that the last thing Jesus would be today is a Christian and I found myself after the tornado at a corner flooded with water. (I didn’t even try. The delusions I have held, both pretend- and successfully-induced by the barrage of subliminal audio and other methods in the past were not bent that way, unless you include the pretend Thor thing or whatever…you know, Ragnarok. The email itself was a fed-up/plea for ending the harassment. You can see how that turned out).

But that didn’t keep them from trying. Drugged to the point that all sensory stimuli seems important, weather, like fireworks, seems larger-than-life…the hand of God himself smashing and trying to tell you something.

And of course these methods are what ultimately made Infernis possible.

But back to the film. Clarke’s Third Law makes an appearance as well. The film takes place in 1976 (just a year before the 1977 Senate hearings on MK/Ultra) and in the film, in the wake of the discovery of aliens hiding out on Mars or similar.

All of that said, the first portion of the film presents fairly accurately what it is like to be a TI (targeted individual) in the Organized Stalking world. Weird becomes conmonplace. The differences, no nose bleeds on those who impose on you, make your life difficult.

And they don’t stand there as in a trance either. One of the things I will cover below is how to spot someone being used or prepped to be used via those methods.

One of the interesting metaphors in the film is the main premise. A couple is presented with the option of pressing the button and receiving $1 million. The cost, someone will die.

Metaphorically, I think that fits nicely with war profiteering, or it did based on the conventional wisdom coming out of WWII. As Eisenhower had warned after seeing the fortunes made after the war, we came to accept that it is good for America.

I’m fairly certain recent history has shown that this is not only wrong, but that it is also backwards. While there are some who have made a fortune after 9/11 (see the Thomas Drake tag about that happening with some of his co-workers who knowingly made money off of false threats they created), it is also destroying the middle class and breaking the federal government, especially when coupled with the Bush tax cuts. Reaganomics are wrecking the economy for most Americans, again, and yet we continue on that path.

Back to the film again, the way they wind up using Clarke’s quote is by essentially saying these aliens are angels sent by God to judge mankind. Nothing new. Both The Day the Earth Stood Still and Contact handle that after a fashion.

But that’s where this storyline and reality really part ways. The people behind the realworld mind control program(s), whether we’re talking mostly propaganda like INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP, NKINTRA, or GLADIO C, are using it to increase violence and death. As I’ve stated before, the ultimate goal is population reduction. I have not yet read up on the Georgia Guideposts, whatever that is. It merely it the only way to make sense of what is happening when you understand just how effective the use of subliminals are and how massive the effort to hide it is. Again, V2K, not even classified. The principle was discovered in the 40s, developed in the 60s, and, from what I can tell, used on a much wider scale beginning in the 80s.

Space aliens make nice scapegoats because they aren’t here. Clarke’s third law applies because most people don’t know about this old tech and the developments since. The motives and goals are obscured as well and seem “alien.” Couple that with the living in denial, “man can’t be doing this to man”, and it’s easier to believe for some, it’s wishful thinking at it’s worst.

Same goes for the supernatural explanations.

V2K completely nullifies most historical accounting in terms of motives of the big players from at least that point on. NATO is not struggling with anything that requires the time and energy we’ve been putting into it. They are setting up straw men and knocking them down because it is profitable and works toward the goal of thinning the human herd. They have decided that this is inevitable and therefore is merely a question of who goes, who stays. The targets are those who are “easy sells” in that regard (any minority, whether that’s based on race, creed, religion, sexual preference, politics, etc.), those who would oppose the idea itself (liberals, progressives, some Christians), and those who make a convenient boogeyman (Muslims) while profiting off of the contracts to do so.

One other thing about the film, I had for a few days prior to watching it entertained the idea that “Janus” might be deaf and blind. I doubt that’s the case in the strict interpretative sense.

But of course we are all Helen Keller to some extent. We have allowed a completely commercialized mainstream media that does not question authority except for show or when it falls into the goals of special business interests, to tell us what’s what. We prefer a pretty lie to ugly truth. Head in the sand, that’s us. Just tell us when the nastiness goes away, won’t you?

I am reminded again of not only the shooting scene in The Bourne Legacy but also the coverup scene where they try to create a neat, pretty little false narrative where the survivor of said shooting was the cause of it, and that she, like me, like Dakota Meyer, or the German gent in the Mollath Affair, is herself mentally disturbed and requiring of being snatched up and hidden away somewhere.

Because that’s the other thing I wanted to cover. I mean, me, me!, working at a facility owned by Koch? Yeah, there it is.

And shall I tell you how I wound up there? The person I replaced started behaving strangely. Paranoid, from the sound of it. Also perhaps delusional (he claimed a woman who got shot was his aunt, but no indication that they are actually related has thus far come to light).

Yes, I’ve decided that national security, not as the euphemism for personal profit that many in the federal government have come to think of it, but the actual prevention of terrorism somehow outweighs my need for that job. Silly me, I know. Sounds like I’ve watched too many TV shows or movies. I should just shut up and watch the money trickle in.

Anyway. The Button. You’ve been warned.

Right. How to identify someone under the influence of voice-to-skull or subliminal audio.

First, look in the mirror. You don’t live under a rock, it’s already been used on you. Guarantee it. INFOOP ROADMAP uses satellites. That’s one way subliminal audio is getting sent out whether the carrier is TV, radio, cellphone, etc. Anything that carries sound, according to Igor Smirnov. Don’t even need V2K.

Now, I’ll have to reel back to, I think, 1991. I was having dinner with a couple of New Jersey Shakespeare Festival interns. During the conversation, one of them asked me what I was laughing about. I said I didn’t know.

Truth was, I didn’t. This same thing I’ve seen and felt many, many times since. What was interesting about that dinner, I didn’t even realize that I was doing it really. It seemed normal to me.

Which means whatever I found funny was either happening on the unconscious level or was simply the feeling without any “funny” cause at all.

I saw this in someone else in the Summer of ’10. At that 24-hour film festival, there was a filmmaker who was doing that. Sort of looking down as if having a conversation with himself, and then laughing about it. I found nothing whatsoever threatening or sinister about him. I just noted that I had done that myself and filed it away until I could figure out how it was done.

Now, the layman (or the CIA psychiatrist) would likely say that is some form of schizophrenia. It isn’t. I’ve met people with real schizophrenia and it is very different. Yes, there are voices, and yes, there are often delusions as the result of those voices. But it ends there.

The tech exists. I’ve proved that here on this blog. Pointed you to the US Army’s own definition of it. And as I frequently do, remind that despite what the cover of the Senate report said, the Army was involved in MK/Ultra and the assassination progrmas as well as CIA.

I am going to guess that for your potential shooter, you’re going to see some of the same indicators. Add in the use of voice synthesis devices (also by the Army’s own definition, disseminated via satellite) and you could have a drugged individual believing he is listening to God, the Devil, or his dear old deceased grandma Daisy.

Which brings me to my final point. It saddens me. But it seems fairly clear at this point. I’m in their center, one of their hotbeds, so it must be. Been going on too long to dismiss it at this point.

Department of Homeland Security intends to drive me to violence or suicide. Either, successful or not, means they can snatch me up.

I’m not especially concerned about this except for what it means: they are in coverup mode. Rather than expose this insanely illegal, immoral, un-American, and ultimately self-defeating program in order to put an end to it, they have decided to play clean-up after others and thereby to allow it to continue.

Like I said, sad.

And finally, a bit of news. DHS has, as part of the overall budget cut thingy across the board, given furlough to 60,000 border guards. I don’t really have a reaction to this myself apart from pointing out that we are going in the wrong direction where jobs are concerned. But then that’s the point when you just want a fascist state where only the interests of a few corporations is concerned.

Well, that and noting how it’s always the lowest on the totem pole getting that shaft. Also nothing new, I suppose.

Oscar Pistorius

Laughter is a devilish wind which deforms, uh, the lineaments of the face and makes men look like monkeys.

I could talk about how I went to church (early 90s, you know after CIA-zombie camp popularly known as the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival) with the South African ambassador to the UN and his family, schooled his kids in Bible study. There were several what I would call cultural clashes, and yet it was I, not my African-American partner in crime ecumenical brainwashing, who caught the brunt of it. (That aside, I liked the family. Nice people, just rather religiously conservative from where I stood.)

Or, I could regale you with tales of one of my first drinking buddies in Minneapolis, a South African who drank too much, was something of a sadist, and how I talked MPD out of arresting him and his boyfriend one night when they started pummeling each other in the bar parking lot because the Iowan partner had been too friendly with a female friend of theirs. (With little doubt another example of behavioral modification, as I would see in the Twin Cities many, many times).

But that’d be about me. This isn’t.

No way of knowing from what I’ve read (Time, “Oscar Postorius and South Africa’s Culture of Violence” by Alex Perry * ) whether or not for certain that, for example, voice-to-skull or audio subliminals were involved. But…

It would tend to, like the assassination of Bhutto, stir things up in that country and not in a good way. That is also happened on Valentine’s Day would also seem to be disheartening.

And that is perhaps one goal that I have not covered very much. In addition to killing and discrediting your opponents, in order to have a decisive world conquest, you’ve also got to demoralize him and force him to the false choices of suicidal despair ** or turn him into a rabid killing machine bent on continuing what you started. This, more than anything explains the intense interest in controlling Hollywood, in turning to only pro-war narratives or ones that, for example, support torture.

(Also see the sports tag on this blog for more on the big picture operation for shifting the US into full Roman mode).

I suppose for anyone who has read especially my fiction, you’ve noted a turn from the optimism, a bit less humor (okay, a lot less humor). A turn toward the Dark Side.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked dark stories even if I didn’t always want to watch or read again immediately due to a tragic ending.

But if you only see propaganda and stories with largely hopeless messages, it will over time affect you. And by you I mean the populace at large.

Entertainment and news are where we get “who we are” and who, for example, the CIA is. Whether we’re talking the capture of OBL’s nephew or Jack Ryan saving people from a terror attack, the underlying narrative, the “what’s it really about?”, is fiction.

So it is with bad news and the BS narrative that accompanies it:

9/11 = All Muslims bad.

Bradley Manning (and that one shooter dude and what these f***tards have tried to get me to do) = gays are untrustworthy.

Environmental science data errors = climate science a sham.

This is the idea. This is the goal.

Or one goal. Overall, it’s just about population reduction, and you can be sure that the Pistorius story will help with that. It’s depressing as hell and therefore demoralizing. I’d write a short story about it, but, hey I already did. But that was Halloween. Wrong holiday apparently.

These men, the ones behind “GLADIO C”, have forgotten what they started fighting for. ***

* Overall, I like that Perry infused the article with the history and current crime problem in South Africa. It serves to teach even if ultimately that had little to do with why, merely what made it possible and what the legal defense is saying. It should serve in that educational regard as a warning to some other country that likes its guns a little too much (you know, ’cause 9/11, 9/11, 9/11…). But as our new Secretary of State once said, we apparently have the right to be stupid. Just not for much else these days.

** Deserving of a post on its own. Reduces population, doesn’t it?

*** As prophesied by REO Speedwagon. ****

**** A joke. As is giving footnotes footnotes.

The Black Boot Diaries – Got Cryptic? (Updated)

(Added #6).

Apologies to the casual reader. This is going to be one of those that in order to get the full picture you’d have to know some things that you likely don’t. This is in reference to the cryptic text down a few posts about being well into the impossible. I cannot go into details about where and who because I’d likely be fired (and though that is likely on someone’s agenda, I’m betting not just yet).

Jumping right in, let’s skip the part where this is just another ridiculous, elaborate prank (that is, me being assigned to the location in question) or yet another fruitless attempt to get me to do something really naughty. This is what I referred to as impossible one of the places I’ve been assigned for work, But of course it isn’t impossible unless you think I’ve imagined everything you have read on this blog. I haven’t. The “coincidence” in this case is well beyond that possibility.

As stated before, if I had worked on a Carlyle Group project in NYC, I’d have given them the same service as any other client. I leave my status as a member of the Green party at the door as I did as a Democrat back then. Someone is paying for a service and whether or not I like them, agree with their goals and business practices, like their politics, is in the work context, irrelevant. (Except when it isn’t, but that’s just conversation with people I work with, not plots of armed insurrection.) This client has and will continue to receive my best.

But let’s just skip the part about me for a moment. That comes into play indirectly, but to the matter at hand.

The possibilities:

1) Just “one of those things.” That is, the corpse in question came into contact with something that just happened to kill her at work while presenting a report. I find this unlikely because the timing would seem to be sending a message of some kind, as well as the matter of death (something like an aneurism in one lung).

2) She was exposed to something at work. Possible, but like my old job in asbestos abatement in the 90s (and the night I thought I was coughing up blood in early 2010, the “me” part, my discovery of last year’s event designed to panic?), this woman dealt with data and was not required in areas where such exposure might occur.

Also, we don’t see other employees coughing up blood and dying. However, it is not impossible that she was careless given the possibility that she thought herself safe from exposure to what one instructor i had liked to refer to generically as ethyl-methyl-death or what-have-you.

But I also find this unlikely. Again, this had all the earmarks of sending a message. But to whom? And what is the message?

3) The owner had it done in order to send a message about how his data is presented, what it says, etc. Without knowing what the report said, what it meant, any potential violations of regulations (it’s not as if we actually have some sort of Environmental Protection Agency anyway, is it?) it’s impossible to know if that could have been a motive. There’s always the possibility that she was talking to the EPA on the sly, but then this seems a bit like overkill, so to speak. Surely there are easier ways to deal with a leak that wouldn’t insight the unwanted attention of some kind of bureau of investigation on the federal level, if the US had one. I have it on good authority that we don’t.

And how in the hell, if they are paying that close attention, did I manage to get assigned there?

But still not entirely out of the question.

4) The enemy of the owner did it, either to send a message or to frame the owner.

I’d have to say this is also perhaps not out of the question given other recent factors. Or if not the enemy of the owner, people of similar (and more radical) philosophy.

But then why her? Only motive would be to frame, to make #3 seem likely.

But, I’m leaning towards:

5) Still our friends at NATO. They spend their time making life difficult for pretty much everyone. They divide and conquer. And this would serve to increase the paranoia on both sides of this conflict.

But of course there’s no way for me to know. This happened last year and I’ve only been assigned there for less than a month. Perhaps I should wait to post my thoughts about it at all. But then I can’t help noticing how the discovery of this event, this death, came right on the heels of those other three situations all involving young women (car accident, potential missing person, and sudden seizure at the grocery store).

And I suppose there is something in me that still doesn’t want to believe that it’s as simple as #3. It might fit the profile. I have to recognize my own biases where wanting to see better in people is concerned.

And then there’s the combination of #3 and #5. No way of knowing what connections there are there for certain. No way of separating truth from fiction where the owner’s bad press is concerned or what the alliances might be. Mere hints and rumors at this point.

Or for that matter, the combination of #4 and #5. If NATO is running pretty much everything from Anonymous to Al Qaeda, then why not some radical inexplicably capable ecoterrorist group as well? (That is, blame ELF or whoever and make it appear that way). Lines up with the BP spill analysis I did quite a while back that would seem something the radical phony version of Obama that FOX likes to paint for us would want. Same with the Japanese reactor meltdown. Appears as though some radical group wants to change the world the hard way. But that kind of power lay with those who don’t really have things like the Kyoto treaty as priority at all. Which points to false-flaggery.

UPDATE: 6) Or a perverse reverse psychology version of #3 where the point was to make it look like #4 disguised as #3. Can’t rule that out either.

Or am I being naive? Are #3 and #4 how they all operate? I just can’t quite believe that even the powerful in this country quite get away with murder like this.

The defense and intelligence sectors, on the other hand…

That’s where it is. I should wait for more data but…

Personally, I find The Case of the Epileptic Girl Scout far more intriguing as far as distractions go.

It was done with lasers or flashing lights, wasn’t it? Ye olde Pokemon effect. Get the parents to spend all that time and effort looking for the cause, paying all those deductibles and co-pays, searching for answers when it was just you. Or is she bulimic or anorexic and you slipped her something to push her over into cranial malfunction? Gotta be one of those.