The Popularity Contest

I grant, it’s difficult to get bothered about Genghis Khan these days, but cockroaches?

Public Policy Polling added last month that Congress is also less popular than cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesman and Genghis Khan

Polls: More Americans afraid of own government than terrorists. It’s not just Fox. More likely to favor the wealthy over average citizens is on there, too.

And I thought they weren’t paying attention.

Who, What, Where?

I’m currently focusing on some non-Internet efforts. In between doing that, I’ve been catching up on some old stuff on DVD.

Warning: this post is one of those, “weird, idn’t it?” things that doesn’t really mean anything substantial beyond that.

In this case, Doctor Who. I had hardly ever seen the show at all prior to being introduced to it by Heath in Minneapolis.

Last night I saw one I had not seen before. From the Tom Baker years, it is episode 88 from 1976, “The Deadly Assassin.” The general plot revolves around the Doctor being framed for an assassination back on his home planet, the real culprit being the Master, one of the show’s recurring villians who is quite the hypnotist it is said in the show.

The point there, I think, is if you look hard enough, you can find plots paralleling damn near anything. In fact, should the opportunity present itself, I can imagine government psychiatrists claiming that this is the source of my “delusions.”

However, there is a primary problem with that. I only just saw it last night.

Additionally, there are a few more surprises. The Doctor is believed at one point to be a CIA agent (that’s the Celestial Intervention Agency, “They have their fingers in everything,” one character says).

And the other, it was written by a Robert Holmes. I don’t think it to be the San Diego statistician who discovered the LIBOR scandal and whose son is James Eagan Holmes, of course. It’s a common enough name.

But still weird if for no other reason than it wound up being something I viewed.

Not yet prepared to believe in the simulationist model of the Universe, sorry, nor tachyons being sent backwards in time. Just a mind game.

Boiling Frogs News Roundup

Lots of goodies here.

US urging NATO to reconsider role in Syria

Ex-Bush Official Ready to Testify that Bush-Cheney Knew Gitmo Prisoners Innocent

Drone Industry Uses Boston Marathon Bombing in Sales Pitch

Boston Flee Party

How can you be deaf with ears like that?

Jussayin’. I’m not sure what it means in total. Definitely more than one thing though.

Getting the possibly weird out of the way first:

(No, ‘Dzhokhar’ was not among my ‘D’ names).

Also, CNN email alert:

The third victim killed in the bombings was a graduate student at Boston University, a spokesman for the school said. The school declined to identify the victim further.

Turned out (again) to be an Asian student. And to think I might have run off to New York or Boston to try to find out firsthand.

Of course two data points only make a straight line, not a pattern.

Moving on from the mind games or whatever to the amateur armchair analysis. I’ll just say mostly what’s already been said.

It’s odd that Chechens do this and in the US. They don’t have quite the same history where jihad and martryism is concerned and most of their beef is with Russia.

The throat injury is so damn symbolic and/or in a way “convenient” that that is also strange.

While I would not call it evidence (who wants to think that their sons or nephews are capable of this?) both the father (in Chechnya or nearby I think) and the aunt (Toronto) say that the brothers were set up.

“Funny” that a government official (missed her name and department) said that the ’09 underwear bomber’s father couldn’t believe his son attempted what he apparently did. But wasn’t he the one who went repeatedly to the US embassy to warn them well ahead of time of Christmas 2009 about his son? Weird comment if that’s the case. Subcontractor missed his name even though he was in their database, was what I recall and the father was the source.

Also, according to Hannity on his radio show (don’t ask… guess I wanted to hear what the specific narrative coming out of the radical right might be when it was left on for me), the elder brother, the deceased one, Tamerlan, owned a radical pro-Al Qaeda website.

And yet he wasn’t being watched? See alternate reason for quote at top. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Too busy f***ing with innocent Americans, I suppose. Too much energy spent squashing whistleblowers and trying to find something to justify the invoices and the budget requests. Yeah, that must be it. *

The ricin letter sending, performer by an American Elvis impersonator, came right on the heels of the bombing. Eerily similar to 9/11 followed by the Amerithrax attacks but with less lethal effect.

Also note that this event derailed the immigration reform law vote. See how terror as distraction gets used? Who benefits? Grassley said publicly it will affect the vote. And they were close to a compromise before the bombs went off.

And it is being used (thanks to both Hannity and Dennis Miller for the info) to argue for looser gun laws or at least status quo. The idea, being trapped in your home with an allegedly armed and dangerous terrorist running around loose in your neighborhood. That was the Rightwing media’s narrative for what happened in Watertown. They got some folks who live there to talk on the radio during their “lockdown.”

You want–no, need–assault weapons to protect your home. That’s the message. And must be at least partially responsible for the failed gun control legislation (beyond the attempt to avoid filibuster by requiring a 60+ vote and the portions written by lobbyists) even if it came after. A post-vote excuse.

Too convenient on timing and narrative to not be more than a little suspicious. I’ve already explained the other reasons for it (money and affect on other policies), how it’s done (drugs, harassment, subliminals, PSYOPs), the historical precedents (MK/Ultra and false-flag ops like NORTHWOODS), the desire to lie to the populace (the intro of the CIA’s Guerilla Warfare Manual and one purpose of DoD’s INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP), etc. and how that all points to something like GLADIO being conducted on US soil. Given the international nature of Organized Stalking, which I believe to be partly related largely as training for those who make these kinds of things happen, things would seem to point to a multinational organization like NATO. It all kinds of fits (though note also that Russia and China undoubtedly engage in similar activities against their citizens). I don’t see the need to repeat all of that in detail.

And note how fiscal conservatism in this country only applies to programs and policies that don’t hand money over directly to defense, security and intelligence contractors, that don’t perpetuate war, fear, xenophobia. If it’s health or education related, we can’t afford it. If it kills, we not only can spend money we don’t even have, we must, or the sky will fall.

That said, it bothers me more than a little that these events get used to try to achieve things like gun reform instead of the programs simply being shut down. I guess you aim for what you think that you can achieve. That is aiming too low, IMO.

* Likely some sarcasm in that paragraph.

A Quickie or Two

This, the alleged beheading of American techie Nick Berg in Iraq, is a great example of how, despite so much evidence to the contrary, the narrative gets shaped to distract from other things (in this case, the Abu Ghraib prison scandal) and inflames passions against “boogeymen” instead of those pulling the strings and benefiting from all that is chaos, destruction, and death. Note how even CNN outdid the official word coming out of Langley. And he’d been is US custody prior to his death.

It’s rarely about what they say it is.

And at least part of the problem is media’s tendency to play “telegraph”, to repeat what it’s told almost entirely independent of what it reported yesterday or previously; the competition and breakneck speed to report inhibits anything approaching historical perspective or putting together things like today’s story not meshing with one from just last week and examining why that might be. Sources become too valuable to frustrate with questions. Truth remains hidden.

Also, Corbett Report talks NSA and whistleblowers via Boiling Frogs.

Infernis Rages On

Over here.

More GLADIO Victims

Most nights I don’t know any more.

So, was it a coincidence that I recall and mention “the Boston Movement” mere hours before two crude ball-bearing laden explosive devices went off? What are the possibilities?

1) Coincidence (it’s merely a meme, Boston, in terms of connection. A bit like the horoscope. Once you start looking desperately for answers, you see them even when they aren’t there).

2) Co-conspirator. But then being as isolated and, one assumes, “observed” as I am, doesn’t seem likely, does it? Besides, I’ve been spending all my time here trying to prevent things like this. Obviously not the case.

3) ESP or prophecy. See again the horoscope. Didn’t help in any case, did it? Don’t think so.

4) Alerted via V2K or similar tech, perhaps via subliminals. While I think this the most likely answer (there have been too many times it’s been right even if most of those events are not sensational), I’m not sure. Why not tell me more? Well, it is possible, I suppose, that they didn’t know more. Someone on the inside or capable of some pretty nifty eavesdropping hears “Boston” and doesn’t know what else to do with it but send it to the resident “who believes that nutjob anyway” little ol’ me? Hm. Maybe not.

Oh, did I mention that Boston was also, based on his dress, my suspected home base for ‘Janus’? I did elsewhere, quite some time ago. Weird, eh? Went on vacation there years ago and noticed what folks tended to wear.

Don’t know. Also don’t care.

What I do know, this kind of thing profits a few people who are not squeamish about dealing out pain, death, destruction and so it should come as no surprise once you wrap your head around the idea that it is not about patriotism. It’s about power.

NATO has served as a shadow government since WWII. That’s in itself no secret, it ran West Germany for some time.

Then came GLADIO. They created the IRA to prevent Ireland achieving its independence. They did all sorts of things in Italy when it appeared that the Communist party there was gaining traction. They influence and force policy all over the globe largely independent of the governments in the countries that they operate in.

This event delayed the immigration bill vote. It will also mean more money for the likes of companies like the RAND Corporation.

And so they use the new toys to force policy and spending here. A corporate mercenary on every street corner is where they would like to see it go. The same people doing the protecting causing the need for it. Recall again whistleblower Thomas Drake saying that NSA officers had created “the boogeyman” in order to go into business to fight the phony threats that they had created.

But also it is NATO orchestrating the narrative. NATO is a power in its own right. They work with and protect those same banks responsible for the LIBOR defrauding of the US government, the laundering of drug money (much of which is coming from Afghanistan poppy), and fund terrorist organizations.

Basically, it is the Legion of Doom. Just knowing Michael Ledeen (also at the heart of Iran-Contra, Arms-for-Hostages, and likely the Niger forgery that came from Italy’s SISMI) was involved kind of seals it for me. Throw in Rove back home influencing conservative media (and of course the more liberal versions tend to spend time on the defensive reacting to that), and (likely drugged by the other two) Cheney running his seven or eight neocon top brass buddies among the Joint Chiefs.

One of their latest victims:


Wonder when there will be mass plucking of skulls out of arses, if ever. Maybe I should have gone with “Resistance is futile” up top.