Crossing the Streams

First, something I probably should have noted when posting the chapter link below. I wrote about 2/3 of it on or around the 20th of March. This is notable because of the quote I pulled from the article on the Loughner sheriff report pages that were released. Yes, I already had Brian’s inner dialogue as part of it and really, the article didn’t alter what I had in mind for the rest of it.

But then if you’ve been reading this long enough, you already know I’ve been talking about that for some time. The short story “Signifying Nothing”, for example, included a medieval version of it. In that one, an operative secrets himself close enough to an ergot-drugged man in order to whisper to him and brainwash him into going psycho faux-werewolf on his neighbors.

And since I’m doing this post that mentions both what’s happening in the news and some fiction I’ve written, I should address the fiction issue in general.

Before this nonsense started (or, more accurately, before I realized it had already started), I had decided I wanted to write TV and movies. This began with The Wisp and an attempt to interest Smoke House (that’s George Clooney’s production company) in the story. Of course at the time I knew nothing of what Mr. Clooney endured during and since the shooting of Syriana. In retrospect, it appears that much of attempting to do that was not my idea. Can’t say I’d blame the man not wanting to tackle anything similar after those experiences which became public after his Rolling Stone interview at the end of 2011.

I expect that was supposed to set me off. Have the lure of Hollywood glitz dangled in front of your nose (you may not have read back far enough…meeting Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, various Hollywood clientele at my real estate job, etc.) and then have it jerked away abruptly.

But, see, I never really cared about that that much. It seemed like a challenge, and a fun one, writing stories and seeing them turned into some kind of media. But I didn’t need it. I don’t know about “My Old Kentucky Home”, but I was cool with my Brooklyn one.

To make it further ironic, had I just been sent on my way, I’d likely have sold out like most people do. Why not? Mad money soothes the compromised soul. Just look at Congress.

So, some might think of (and some scumbags will, if they haven’t already, tried to paint) my fiction writing and this blog combined as a publicity stunt. I assure you it is not. If I can use fiction to draw attention to these newer illegal (and ultimately self-defeating) programs, then so be it. This is why I have been putting them up and well before I have a chance to go over them again and edit, rewrite, etc. Steal Borrow away, if you are a writer and can get published.

Further, can you imagine, if what I’ve posted here about the influence over media, such as pro-perpetual war, pro-torture, etc. propaganda, the CIA and Pentagon’s control over Hollywood, that Infernis, for example, would ever even get published? Not until long after this is over, I imagine. And then you gotta wonder if you’ll be around to see that. Took the McGill University student who got electrodes attached to her head by the CIA and Ewan Cameron over fifty years to see her day in court. How much longer for someone who has no such evidence of ever even having had contact with these s***heads apart from the Ford Foundation and NJSF connection and the various circumstantial evidence? (Well, apart from being in the same vicinities as Anthony Gipe, ‘Balding’, the Informants and the real or fake FBI agents who were harassing them, and ‘Janus’, that is).

I also note that, after the Squidgate incident that there apparently was, somewhere on the Web (never saw it myself) people claiming that Peter had somehow engineered the entire thing himself in order to promote his work.

These are exactly the kind of lies one should expect from our inherently, deeply, through-and-through, corrupt intelligence community as well as those of the other NATO member nations. They know spin better than the party pundits and politicos.

Finally, a BLACK BOOT DIARIES bit, just noting that apparently “Nancy” took a vacation from some time on April 1 until late night on the 7th. * It was nice not having to deal with the usual crap for a week, or at least a very, very scaled down version of what it’s generally been like.

I believe this is the longest break since it started December 2009. Those rarely lasted more than a day or several hours. Can you imagine? I’ll bet you can’t.

This was another reason for the slowness on posting (besides the limited Internet). Considered, you know, waiting to see what would happen. You remember those days? When you would write whoever, tell them the situation, trust them to do the right thing (or at least give you their reasons for why they won’t) and wait for a reply?

Yeah. Me neither.

But don’t think for one second I thought it was over. No. Just a time out. It’s an addiction for you, isn’t it, Nancy? You just can’t stop yourself. You don’t feel like you exist unless you’re messing with people.

* I’m assuming the Navy was in town and she was busy with her legs in the air. What, was it Fleet Week?


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