Yet More Infernis and a BBD Item

And another still-needs-work chapter posted here.

And now for some apologies, explanations, etc.

Despite what may seem like a trend in my work, I neither hate nor fear females. At least I don’t think so. I see the inequality in pay and respect between the sexes as something akin to what minorities, gays, etc. deal with.

I am however playing on some dark humor I suppose regarding being gay and dealing with the opposite sex.

Besides, I’m not talking about a real female anyway. She represents something else.

Next, I am also not militant about religion. I am radical about disliking radicalism, I suppose. That’s about it. I don’t begrudge someone their religious beliefs as long as they don’t involve the forced conversion or death of others and the codification within laws that we all have to share.

That’s all you’re getting. I will probably have to say something about real mental illness at some point (as opposed to the fake stuff created by thugs in order to fulfill criminal agendas) but I think that can wait. Besides, I’m in good company there. It’s rare to see any story that handles that subject well.

Finally, the related Black Boot Diaries point. The anecdote about the cult is (mostly) true. I did meet a couple to whom that happened. In fact, the Manhattan Church of Christ (where I attended in the early 90s) had a significant portion of people who had come out of that cult. It was known as the International Church of Christ, the Boston Movement, and the New York City Church of Christ depending on which exact entity (all part of the whole) one was discussing. It had and has no relation to the Church of Christ that is centered in Tennessee and Texas.

There were other horror stories as well from those who left it. They did in fact target actors to become members. One intern at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, who was just about as close to a Blues Brother as I can imagine prior to his “conversion”, became a recruiter for them. He went from shouting out Dennis Hopper quotes from Blue Velvet to shouting whatever it was would keep his fellow cult members in line.

Can it be I have hit upon yet another aspect of the beast I’ve been struggling with? The likelihood of a major US cult not being run by CIA and/or DoD strikes me as being very, very minimal.

I know. What are the odds?


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