More GLADIO Victims

Most nights I don’t know any more.

So, was it a coincidence that I recall and mention “the Boston Movement” mere hours before two crude ball-bearing laden explosive devices went off? What are the possibilities?

1) Coincidence (it’s merely a meme, Boston, in terms of connection. A bit like the horoscope. Once you start looking desperately for answers, you see them even when they aren’t there).

2) Co-conspirator. But then being as isolated and, one assumes, “observed” as I am, doesn’t seem likely, does it? Besides, I’ve been spending all my time here trying to prevent things like this. Obviously not the case.

3) ESP or prophecy. See again the horoscope. Didn’t help in any case, did it? Don’t think so.

4) Alerted via V2K or similar tech, perhaps via subliminals. While I think this the most likely answer (there have been too many times it’s been right even if most of those events are not sensational), I’m not sure. Why not tell me more? Well, it is possible, I suppose, that they didn’t know more. Someone on the inside or capable of some pretty nifty eavesdropping hears “Boston” and doesn’t know what else to do with it but send it to the resident “who believes that nutjob anyway” little ol’ me? Hm. Maybe not.

Oh, did I mention that Boston was also, based on his dress, my suspected home base for ‘Janus’? I did elsewhere, quite some time ago. Weird, eh? Went on vacation there years ago and noticed what folks tended to wear.

Don’t know. Also don’t care.

What I do know, this kind of thing profits a few people who are not squeamish about dealing out pain, death, destruction and so it should come as no surprise once you wrap your head around the idea that it is not about patriotism. It’s about power.

NATO has served as a shadow government since WWII. That’s in itself no secret, it ran West Germany for some time.

Then came GLADIO. They created the IRA to prevent Ireland achieving its independence. They did all sorts of things in Italy when it appeared that the Communist party there was gaining traction. They influence and force policy all over the globe largely independent of the governments in the countries that they operate in.

This event delayed the immigration bill vote. It will also mean more money for the likes of companies like the RAND Corporation.

And so they use the new toys to force policy and spending here. A corporate mercenary on every street corner is where they would like to see it go. The same people doing the protecting causing the need for it. Recall again whistleblower Thomas Drake saying that NSA officers had created “the boogeyman” in order to go into business to fight the phony threats that they had created.

But also it is NATO orchestrating the narrative. NATO is a power in its own right. They work with and protect those same banks responsible for the LIBOR defrauding of the US government, the laundering of drug money (much of which is coming from Afghanistan poppy), and fund terrorist organizations.

Basically, it is the Legion of Doom. Just knowing Michael Ledeen (also at the heart of Iran-Contra, Arms-for-Hostages, and likely the Niger forgery that came from Italy’s SISMI) was involved kind of seals it for me. Throw in Rove back home influencing conservative media (and of course the more liberal versions tend to spend time on the defensive reacting to that), and (likely drugged by the other two) Cheney running his seven or eight neocon top brass buddies among the Joint Chiefs.

One of their latest victims:


Wonder when there will be mass plucking of skulls out of arses, if ever. Maybe I should have gone with “Resistance is futile” up top.


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