A Quickie or Two

This, the alleged beheading of American techie Nick Berg in Iraq, is a great example of how, despite so much evidence to the contrary, the narrative gets shaped to distract from other things (in this case, the Abu Ghraib prison scandal) and inflames passions against “boogeymen” instead of those pulling the strings and benefiting from all that is chaos, destruction, and death. Note how even CNN outdid the official word coming out of Langley. And he’d been is US custody prior to his death.

It’s rarely about what they say it is.

And at least part of the problem is media’s tendency to play “telegraph”, to repeat what it’s told almost entirely independent of what it reported yesterday or previously; the competition and breakneck speed to report inhibits anything approaching historical perspective or putting together things like today’s story not meshing with one from just last week and examining why that might be. Sources become too valuable to frustrate with questions. Truth remains hidden.

Also, Corbett Report talks NSA and whistleblowers via Boiling Frogs.


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