Who, What, Where?

I’m currently focusing on some non-Internet efforts. In between doing that, I’ve been catching up on some old stuff on DVD.

Warning: this post is one of those, “weird, idn’t it?” things that doesn’t really mean anything substantial beyond that.

In this case, Doctor Who. I had hardly ever seen the show at all prior to being introduced to it by Heath in Minneapolis.

Last night I saw one I had not seen before. From the Tom Baker years, it is episode 88 from 1976, “The Deadly Assassin.” The general plot revolves around the Doctor being framed for an assassination back on his home planet, the real culprit being the Master, one of the show’s recurring villians who is quite the hypnotist it is said in the show.

The point there, I think, is if you look hard enough, you can find plots paralleling damn near anything. In fact, should the opportunity present itself, I can imagine government psychiatrists claiming that this is the source of my “delusions.”

However, there is a primary problem with that. I only just saw it last night.

Additionally, there are a few more surprises. The Doctor is believed at one point to be a CIA agent (that’s the Celestial Intervention Agency, “They have their fingers in everything,” one character says).

And the other, it was written by a Robert Holmes. I don’t think it to be the San Diego statistician who discovered the LIBOR scandal and whose son is James Eagan Holmes, of course. It’s a common enough name.

But still weird if for no other reason than it wound up being something I viewed.

Not yet prepared to believe in the simulationist model of the Universe, sorry, nor tachyons being sent backwards in time. Just a mind game.