Herrera Believed That He Was Psychic

The complaint states Herrera was polite at the start of the flight, but later made claims of being psychic and asked a woman seated next to him: “What would you do if I open the exit door?”

Wonder if she thought, “Your’re the psychic, you tell me.”

The legal complaint also states that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had not been taking his medicine. This is perfect cover and likely why he was chosen to intimidate those who have a grasp about what’s going on with regards to Gladio, maybe just making everyone afraid enough to desire mercenaries on every street corner, aboard every plane and ship, etc. So many financial and political motives that you don’t always know which is directly responsible. But they are there.

ABC News 15 Phoenix

Now, why might the psychic stuff be important?

See here, for example (A long year and a half old post about a two year old event. See the part beginning with “A drug deal…” and ending with “monsters in charge.” By the way note how the earlier of two posts from last Tuesday the 21st is sort of a clever variation on this one). Recall also the use to make me think that my longterm partners brand new hubby was trashtalking me and how I managed to confirm the crap that I “heard” was never said.

Makes quite a difference when you first suspect, then later know, that voice-to-skull exists, doesn’t it? Probably also helps to not have bipolar disorder. Also helps to have seen so much cloak-and-dagger foolishness that the question “Why?” followed by the answer “They wouldn’t” no longer much occurs to you.

There is, of course, the flip side to that, the part without motive. For example, when George Hunter White went about slipping LSD to people, it was noted that the inability to spend adequate time with the targets after they were dosed, White’s lack of scientific training and failure to keep adequate notes in any case, and general failure to use scientific methodology rendered that MK/Ultra subproject largely useless. Then, why?

Because they could. Because they can.

In Remembrance

This is likely not going to be one of my better or more interesting posts. More of a loose association of ideas, primarily based on today’s bizarre plane incident and a reminder about some of the older incidents related to this whole mess I’ve been blogging about for years now. Good to remind people now and again lest they doubt what I’ve written.

In case you haven’t heard:

A passenger [23 year old Alexander Michael Herrera] who made “unusual” statements and tried to open an airplane door in-flight today was subdued by passengers and crew members until the plane landed in Portland, Ore.

Over here for ABC’s version.

I wonder what the unusual comments were. Probably not, “I think this is my stop” or “I think I left the coffee pot on.” I also wonder if we’ll find out.

It does remind me of this one a little regarding Delta Flight 3948 on February 28, 2011. (Maybe his comment was, “There’s something on the wing.”) Of course it was only a woman who felt faint that time. Easily verifiable since the flight was diverted. As I recall, to St. Louis.

I also wonder how many service members were on Herrera’s flight.

I also remind, in case I have any new readers, that the juror in the Squidgate trial, the one who wrote a letter to the judge on behalf of the accused, and a day short of a year later found herself in legal jeopardy due to what I refer to as “The Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron” *. Some time after her defense attorney managed to turn the local heat down a bit, he was attacked at the court house by what appeared to be a mentally disturbed man. Not connected to planes, but strange behavior most assuredly.

This is taking the Martha Mitchell effect a bit further and mixing it with false-flag to create a third thing: plausibly deniable terrorism, or at least deeply disturbing possibilities for the average citizen wherever they go.

Which brings me around to one of the problems with fascists. They love to try to ruin holidays.

* Actually, it was coyote fur that the robber glued to his face, but werecoyote doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The Martha Mitchell Effect

Had no idea it had been given a name. In their August 2003 The Psychologist article, “Beliefs About Delusions,” Bell, Halligan and Ellis state:

Sometimes, improbable reports are erroneously assumed to be symptoms of mental illness [due to a] failure or inability to verify whether the events have actually taken place, no matter how improbable intuitively they might appear to the busy clinician.

(Bell, V., Halligan, P. W., Ellis, H. D. {August 2003}. “Beliefs About Delusions”. The Psychologist 16 (8): 418–422. JI 0.325.)

This phenomenon was named after the wife of Nixon campaign director John Mitchell. See here,  especially here.

As I’ve noted previously, Watergate burglar and CREEP member G. Gordon Liddy was, circa 1990, touring US campuses with his old nemesis and LSD advocate Timothy Leary. As part of that and other interviews with Liddy, he made clear that he and other operatives intended to put LSD on the steering wheels of at least one investigative reporter and one member of Congress.

Here’s the text from the 1955 draft MK/Ultra memo (found in the appendix of the 1977 Senate hearing report) again:

1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

See also the Mollath Affair and the Bush administration’s thought to force medication on people it deemed mentally ill. I believe this was basically how Stalin and Lenin defined anyone who didn’t believe in the tenets of Marxism and got them off the street, silenced them. How better to push the US toward fascism than to expend a country’s own resources dividing, intimidating, buying, and otherwise silencing anyone who disagrees, who notices the criminality?

Then there’s Rex Niles, federal witness to corruption, who suddenly started thinking he was the recipient of non-lethal weapon attacks of some sort. Really warms the heart to know witnesses get such protection when attempting to protect those tax dollars.

And then there are those Gitmo detainees who got five times the normal dose of mefloquine by the CIA and DoD. The drug is known to cause schizophreniclike effects. The only conceivable reasons for doing so are: human experimentation, seeking false confessions via pharmacologic “waterboarding”, and the joy of torturing other human beings. This would tend also to discredit any future claims of innocence. That is important to note due to other reports that the majority of them are innocent of terrorism and terrorist ties.

In my opinion, the only way an effective movement for exposing such a thing as GLADIO happening on US and allied soil is to incorporate the discrediting system into reporting and the discussion. Without that, you surrender any time a whistleblower says or does anything strange or just because some official says so. They can, do, and will use this ploy, the Martha Mitchell effect, as long as it is effective. Take it away, and suddenly there are a lot of would-be emperors standing around in the buff.

And wouldn’t that be a sight to see? Imagine the overcompensation alone. 🙂

Coupla News Stories (Updated)

First, a former rightwing terrorist turned rightwing author, a Catholic, shot himself dead in a chapel you’ve likely never heard of over in Paris, France. This was, it was reported, his reaction to adapting of same-sex marriage in France.

The Daily Beast

Next, a man in San Diego Sacramento has likely set the world’s record for most 911 calls. Why? He says satellites are attempting mind control on him and he won’t stop until Congress takes it seriously.

CBS13 San Diego.

I remind folks that NSA whistleblower William Binney stated that what TIs were referring to was actually the old Soviet non-lethal weapons. * Not far below I mentioned a Defense News (1993) article about US-Russian cooperation on controlling knowledge about those very devices.

Other theories usually involve chip implants (not at all required with voice-to-skull and subliminals).

Anyway, this story has some OS/EH activists up in arms due to concerns of being discredited. Of course my view is that that is in fact part of the point. Another possible victim is disowned by the community that very much needs to stick together. Divide and conquer.

That’s all apart from some very, very brief new fiction over at the writing blog.

6 Jan 2014 update. Acquaintance of Binney’s states that Binney is not in fact familiar with the old Soviet NLWs (a recent paper describing the Russian programs from the 1930s to the 2000s says they spent $1B during that time). Whether or not this reopens the satellite question is an open one. Acquaintance also states that he is convinced that FFCHS and Derrick Robibson are “controlled opposition,” that is more about spreading disinfo than real activism. My only personal data point apart from seeing ridiculous claims stated but not corrected (and association at least once with a supersoldier/space alien/UFO event which I had hoped was to correct the record, not join the disinfo campaign) is that I provided Derrick with Anonymous’ evidence that Alex Jones/Infowars is a Stratfor/CIA disinfo puppet and it never made mention in the newsletter.

Here’s the interview FFCHS supposedly had with Binney:


My data points on the possibility of it being satellite directed are few and largely circumstantial. Though there is evidence of technology that can penetrate cloud cover and even through-the-wall, that’s not enough for conclusions.

Another data point is that INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP contains cryptic references to satellites for propaganda purposes. This is probably the best info I have, but still think it may refer to using subliminal messages over TV, radio, cell phones, as opposed to “beaming” thoughts or whatever. Could also refer to the more mundane, simple Voice of America type stuff, but we already do that everywhere, so I don’t think so. They could/would just hang up the phone, turn off the radio/tv, etc.

The last data point was someone just hinted at it. The idea that a particular mood-altering frequency could be aimed and fired on the ground…why not? Issues would be accidental/incidental targeting of others. Don’t think they’d care. And there was at least one instance when I found both myself and a neighbor (and his wife, actually) in inexplicable bad moods at the samw time in Minneapolis. But that might be a trick…don’t like hanging my hat on that kind of maybe.

But then there’s also this:



And my preferred doge and ceiling cat versions:



The problem here, quite possible US IC is attempting to start another “Star Wars” escalation of research/spending with one or more foreign governments. Or, like MKULTRA, might be a lot more effective already than we imagine.

Google News On Oklahoma Tornado Devastation

Two of these things are not quite like the others:

NYT – Vast Oklahoma Tornado Kills Dozens

CBS News – Oklahoma tornado aftermath filled with risks for victims, rescue workers

CNN – CNN, others share images from Oklahoma via social media

ABC News – Hospital Hit by Okla. Tornado ‘Lucky’

NYT – Crews Search for Survivors in Oklahoma After Tornado

NPR (blog) – Death Toll Climbing In Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

ABC News – PHOTOS: Billion Dollar Natural Disasters

Fox News and New York Daily News – ‘Daily Show’ co-creator Lizz Winstead sparks outrage with Oklahoma tornado joke about conservatives


New York Daily News – Oklahoma tornado [TV] specials to air during primetime on nets

BBD – Bugger It All

This one is about, shall we say, advanced PSYOPs. This is well beyond 101, but I can’t say for certain if it’s “graduate level”.

It is also rather personal, but then that’s one of the things that makes it both difficult and at the same time crucial to document it. Imagine, assuming you actually read it, trying to explain it to law enforcement or a judge.

I wrote assuming you read it because there’s at least one more thing to know before you click the more link below to get past the fold. If you are troubled by the discussion of certain sex acts, you might want to skip this one.

Also, get over it. You clearly have issues.

Continue reading

BBD – Meandering

First, apologies for the delay in delivering part 8 on Congress’ 1984 investigation into the use and potential abuse of audio and visual subliminal messages. Likely something in one of the more recent parts (like, say, ELECTION FRAUD) has resulted in the past few days feeling like having been kicked in the head, minus the intense pain. Feels like what I imagine a concussion might be like, perfect or otherwise. No idea how this was accomplished, merely note the brief.discussion of the “perfect concussion” during the Church/Tower hearings. Therefore, this post will largely revolve around what that does and how and why people that this kind of thing happens to come off as not being “all there,” “playing with a full deck,” choose your metaphor. Posts for yesterday and earlier today were aborted due to the realization that I was finding it difficult to maintain a throughline, a cohesive thread. So, why not do a post on how it’s difficult to do at times?

Second, I’ll give a brief teaser about what part 8 and the testimony of Dr. Lloyd H. Silverman of NYU and NY’s Veteran’s Hospital will likely entail. The ability to, using subliminals, increase depression and the belief at that time that depression generally had two causes or connective psychological factors: loss and guilt. Here’s a hint how part of that (in this case loss) relates: dead pets and relatives.

As previously mentioned, there are a number of factors that make being, how the Organized Stalking subculture refers to it, a TI–a targeted individual–difficult.

As I’ve written previously, likely depending on whether the target is chosen due for training and testing or due to whatever they have witnessed or whatever perceived threat they pose to the criminals behind the, for lack of a better term, GLADIO-D operation to control the domestic policy of this country via black ops, they are likely surreptitiously drugged early on. In my case, I think it actually came (sort of) after a few things had already been done but before I realized there was anything suspicious about the events. For example, I didn’t positively connect my dog’s illness to harassment until long after she was put to sleep. Think of those things as sort of psychological landmines. Once being targeted becomes clear, you look back and realize some previous events were not just life throwing you curveballs, but rather done in the hopes that once you realize just how goddam evil those who arranged it are, you will go off the deep end, become violent, act irrationally and further increase your own frustration in attempting to alleviate it. In short, it is a lot like being bullied at school day after day and finding the teachers just don’t care, either fear the bullied as well or approve of their actions.

Except it’s happening to adults who are better at dealing with it. Except those adults are also drugged.

The first two things you wonder are, what is happening and why is it happening? Typically, at the beginning at least, you won’t be able to answer either question. You go round and round, looking for answers. They refer to this in OS as churning. You spend hours attempting to figure out why. You knee-jerk assume that either you actually did something to deserve it (because authority is always assumed to be in the right, just ask them) or there’s been a mistake. You may even feel guilty over whatever it is you don’t know you did. You wonder about everything you’ve ever done.

Probably, it isn’t until your entire life is a wreck and, only if you’re lucky enough to somewhat overcome what’s already been done to you drugwise, that you realize, no, these people are something akin to nazis and guilt or innocence (there’s that depression trigger Silverman talks about again) isn’t important to them.

You realize that you have all sorts of evidence of your life having been tampered with but likely nearly none explaining who was responsible. You might have even fallen prey to disinformation blaming the supernatural or space aliens, some ethnic, religious or political group, some fictional group.

Otherwise you tend to land at “the government.” And why not? They are both supposed to be the only ones conducting black ops and weird experiments and at the same time protecting citizens from crimes (such as conspiracy against rights, link along right side of blog to text of it).

Of course there is evidence of political parties (at least one) doing black ops on US soil and elsewhere. Besides Watergate, there is evidence to suggest the GOP was deeply involved in Iran-Contra and Arms-for-Hostages and had, likely still has, quite the black bag machine. And then there was James O’Keefe III’s ACORN stunt and his attempt to bug the office of a US senator. No investigation into the use of black ops to influence elections would seem to me to indicate, again, corruption in Congress (you know, the H.O.R. of Babble-On…well, couldn’t resist).

But I am drifting from the point (which is a point unto itself). You realize you’ve got enough that anyone would have to believe that something odd happened.

But when you try to explain it you realize that you have to go through the same damn logic all over again and part of that logic is as simple as: this much stuff does not happen to one person in that short amount of time. Just doesn’t. But explaining that, any person who hasn’t been through it wants to diminish the whole idea by picking apart each of these many events one-by-one. You realize that it’s an uphill (practically vertical, perpendicular to the ground) battle and you’ve already spent so much time and energy debating it all with yourself, you’re tired and here’s someone diminishing your suffering, making light of it.

You freak out. You lose your temper. You wind up sounding like Mel Gibson in…well… most anything. You rave like a mad person. That’s what they’ve done to you.

Your government failed you. Society failed you. Family fails you. The law failed you. You may or may not latch onto some kind of belief in some kind of god or God for comfort.

Evil wins.

(Now, wouldn’t it just have been better to have let me enjoy my right to free speech?).