Subliminal Communication Technology Part 1

First, a brief follow-up to the previous post. Is it any wonder that the Agency, it was noted years ago, has such a high suicide rate?

Second, a correction that’s been on the backburner. I have not had the time to figure out where I picked up the mistake, but the Irish Republican Army predates NATO and therefore could not have been created by NATO. I believe I got that from Tom Secker’s interview with the Corbett Report but have not had time yet to check and get the correct information with regards to that specific event. In any case, the idea of NATO running it, co-opting it, making it more militant (one assumes without most members realizing it) fits perfectly with the other known GLADIO operations.

Finally, have been delving a bit deeper into the House hearings in 1984 on subliminals. Overall it was done because of the year. They decided to study a few “Orwellian” issues. The others were privacy and computer security.

(By the way, the chairman, Rep. Dan Glickman of Kansas, was president of MPAA from 2004 to 2010.)

Regarding this third issue, that of subliminal communication technology, they largely focused on subliminal advertising on television and over radio.

For example, they cover the “If you have seen this message, write WTWO”. In that case there was no increase in letters received. I wonder, though, what if it had simply said, “Write WTWO.” Parsing what the unconscious thinks “have seen” means requires some guesswork and/or additional research.

They also noted several times, sometimes humorously, about the possibility of the methods being used for “good”, for political purposes and for religious conversion, as well as other possible misuses I will cover later. The FCC at that time took a hard line, that it should not be used, that the Communication Act covered it by law for any purposes. They noted that they are almost exclusively concerned with broadcasters and that it is in the case of advertisers the job of the SEC to deal with. However, they also noted that SEC may not entirely see it that way and may have a different threshold or criteria for deciding whether or not to investigate. They also said that if a church used “Honor thy father and mother” subliminally it would be more difficult than attempting to persuade people to buy something unconsciously given the difficulty in showing that honoring one’s parents is not in the public interest.

Moving on to where the hearing overlaps with what I’ve been attempting to spread the word about…

From the testimony of Dr. Hal Becker, President of Behavioral Engineering Corp., August 6, 1984, “Subliminal Communication Technology, Hearing before the Subcommittee on Transportation, Aviation and Materials of the Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, Ninety-Eighth Congress, Second Session”.

Dr. Becker was of the opinion that car accidents, crime and loss prevention, and substance abuse should be (when accompanied by a crawl stating that it was being done) allowed by the FCC in order to bring those things, which he stated were on the rise, down to more manageable levels.

Also, regarding what it can do:

Both subliminal perception and hypnosis address non-conscious portions of the mind. Work by Corrigan and Becker in 1954 and 1965, 1967, 1977, 1978, Dixon, Silverman & Shevrin, have presented evidence–and many others–have presented evidence to indicate that nonconscious perception of stimuli can result in behavior change.


Mr. [Dan] Glickman [(D-KS)]. Have you been contacted by politicians or religious fanatics seeking your help in perhaps subliminally converting people?

Dr. Becker. Many times. And I have always declined.

Mr. Glickman. Now, I am reading from OMNI magazine, February of 1981. They are talking about one of your [“black”] boxes. It says here, “Another box whispers encouragement in a New York real estate office,” I quote: “My time is valuable, dollars now, reward is coming, I feel good.” Is this the kind of therapeutic activity that you are more involved in right now?

Dr. Becker. I am not involved in any of that right now, as I attempted to state. I phased out of that activity more than a year ago.

Dr. Becker. Ok. An [subliminal] affirmation I define as something like “I am honest, I will not steal.”

A veridical is a universal truth like “My job is important. We are a team.”

Ok. I call both of those addresses to the unconscious human resource potentiation–We are making more powerful the God-given, innate congenital abilities and talents that a person possesses and it helps that person work and play more adequately at the highest level that the creator intended for him to do.

[On whether or not Dr. Becker finds any of that offensive]…but I have never found any of that offensive…and there is no question in my mind but that it is some kind of invasion of privacy, but so is a police siren in the middle of the night that wakes me up.

But we excuse that invasion of privacy, because of the greater good it does for society.

Because remember that private property owners have the right by law to use reasonable means or even reasonable force in the protection of their property.

I am cherrypicking Dr. Becker’s testimony a little (but only a little) not to paint him as some kind of mad villain. I don’t even necessarily disagree with him on the anti-shoplifting thing.

Rather, I am attempting to point out A) the slippery slope of deciding what’s best and enforcing it surreptitiously and B) the gigantic potential for abuse, and C) the irony of some of his arguments if taken and bent to the extremes that radicals (like neoconservatives or maybe even neoliberals) likely would go to.

Let’s walk through the possible (in my opinion, likely) and faulty mindset:

1) Only those “in-the-know” have the real and complete information.

2) Therefore, only they should be making the decisions because the rest of us suffer from lack of the full facts.

3) Those people also happen to have the job hazard of needing to focus on warfare, potential paranoid plots that may or may not ever be carried out by state and non-state actors, likewise paranoid policies to control the flow of information to avoid it falling into enemy hands or the hands of those “without the full facts” among their fellow country’s citizens.

This extreme world view, at times fueled by the policies of religious institutions (such as the anti-gay statements made by the Vatican, the Pope), cultural history as related to defining what it is to be strong, masculine, powerful, tough, etc. to be an effective warrior, it all spells self-fulfilling prophecies, close-mindedness to different ideas, and an insular and stagnant insider culture reinforced from most directions.

These beliefs are further strengthened by only viewing those events and reports as significant that fit the world view that they already possess. Add to this the belief that God approves (in part due to being treated like gods themselves and in part due to the kind of encouragement by religious figures mentioned above) and you have a recipe for the end justifying the means and completely ignoring the desires and beliefs of those it pretends to benefit. These justifications allow the corruption of doing whatever is necessary to control, contain, deter, intimidate and even kill the way to keeping the public unaware and alternately in fear in order to maintain it.

All of that means they can, will, and, in my opinion, are using subliminals and/or “remote hypnosis” to affect behavior in many, many ways for various smaller goals all pointing toward the main one: power.

On top of that, as pointed out before, the extreme use of contractors for all sorts of intelligence, security and defense applications means that there are private companies who own various patents being used to employ devices similar to Behavioral Engineering Corp.’s boxes.

This in turn means that once such a device is used on a person, be they a private citizen or otherwise, that person in turn becomes a security threat because they are a potential leak of classified or sensitive information. The persecution and manipulation of that person then, in turn, becomes post-justification for the harassment and behavioral modification to begin with.

And all of that means more money shoveled into the companies who create and exacerbate the problem in order to turn around and further profit off of fixing it. They use the technology and methods to change behavior and then swoop in to take charge of those doing the (mis-)behaving because they are then classified as threats due to having been exposed to the technology and methods in the first place.

Note that some of what occurred in 1973 when the Director Helms testified before Congress and was asked about protecting CIA methods and sources per the CIA charter. He said that he, in his legal opinion and capacity as director, had the responsibility but not the authority to do that. When asked to explain, he said he meant that if a US citizen on US soil were a threat to either, he would have to contact FBI in order to take care of the problem.

Now, think about a post-9/11 world. A world where rounding up of people randomly, imprisoning them without the right to challenge it legally, (and in some cases serious abuse was done to them) was policy. Where a Navy admiral can give orders to dose detainees with a drug known to cause serious psychological problems and it be carried out for quite some time in secret. Where US citizens are assassinated by drones. Where US reporters and their families are targeted by CIA subcontractors like Palantir did to Glenn Greenwald. Where the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) operates outside the chain of command and even gives some of its field assets executive discretion and power to engage in operations according to Seymour Hersh’s talk in March 2009 at the University of Minnesota.

The result is that you have false-flag terror attacks and assassinations disguised as accidents, health issues and suicide. These are carried out on US soil using the same methods in order to influence and control policy, legislation, and judicial decisions.

I think it not only makes sense, it makes far more sense than any other explanation I’ve yet to hear.


They would not do that.

They can and are. Prove otherwise. This country was designed to operate on oversight and checks-and-balances, not on blind trust. The sheer size of Top Secret America alone makes it clear that there is insufficient oversight by Congress, that control and full knowledge by the Executive seems likewise unlikely, and that the 9/11 attacks themselves have shifted judicial opinion from public interest in privacy and safety from government and its private partners to fear of terror attacks and “losing” the war on terror, and the overall notion that the President can do anything at all he pleases when at war as argued by then-AG Alberto Gonzalez. This last notion has not been sufficiently challenged in court, not by the mainstream media, nor by the Legislative branch. The fear that being “too soft” on terrorism has made the tough job of limiting power a fearful act in itself. (Not to mention the covert operations I believe took place with regards to Senators Wellstone and possibly Dayton later and the others who were targeted with PSYOPs to fund variously military operations later. These activities all fit the “GLADIO” pattern of covert operations used to herd, intimidate, trick or remove opposition to NATO’s desires).

Someone would stop them.

Who? You’re talking about people who, among other things may have sold nuclear secrets to foreign entities and managed to cover it up. You’re talking about people with nukes, too.

I’m afraid.

You should be. They don’t care how much you cower. Eventually it will affect you adversely. It likely already has but you just didn’t realize it was due to this. The housing bubble and credit crunch to name just two things are related.

This is why understanding Operation GLADIO is so important. It’s about covert ops being performed in country that affect the legislation, policies, and the general narrative of the country in which they are carried out.

Ultimately, however, there is more to fear of inaction than action. Hold your representatives responsible by telling them to investigate and spread the word.

My country, right or wrong!

This is how evil triumphs. It’s not even technically “your country” as much of this is in support of multinational interests, corporate interests, with most orders likely coming from NATO in Brussels, Belgium or vague instructions from JSOC (who are not operating under the SECDEF and the CIC).

What does your country stand for? Is it “freedom”? The use of these methods and technologies means a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment banning slavery at its heart. Do you support slavery? See author of Brave New World Aldous Huxley’s famous quote from 1962:

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.

Or, the shorter version:

A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.

You are the victim of propaganda and likely watch too much television. Think of the mainstream media this way: one person thinks to themselves when they violate what they hold dear that they are only one person doing one thing wrong. It won’t, they tell themselves, make a difference in the big picture. As a whole, they all do a little of that and the effect is overwhelming.

Additionally, those who get paid well for it likely are not feeling their brothers’ and sisters’ pain. They are isolated from the situation “on the ground” and rely heavy on others attempting to do what furthers their careers (typically selling out the American citizen to whichever industry they plan to go work in after government).

It’s just a coincidence that James Eagan Holmes’ father is the statistician who discovered that various multinational banks defrauded the US government of tax dollars in the LIBOR scandal.

Further it is merely a coincidence that the uncle of the Boston Marathon bombers, Ruslan Tsarnaev, married the daughter of CIA official Graham Fuller.

You could not have arrived at that opinion via logic. Merely having the truth withheld from you coupled with being brainpounded with the notion that anyone suggesting such a thing is a “nutcase” is the cause. You are the victim of propaganda and/or fear. See counter-arguments above and responses.

Also see this blog’s post as roundup of many false-flag operations.

We need hard, documented evidence.

See Aldous Huxley quotes above again. The people carrying it out enjoy it. They have been conditioned to and are rewarded for carrying it out and likely punished painfully when they fail.

Therefore the possibility of an insider whistleblower is highly unlikely. Huxley called it the final revolution for a reason. You’re stuck with me I’m afraid; an aware outsider/former slave who has since had his head mucked with enough that he likely comes off as incomprehensible at times.

Additionally, see again Hersh’s statement about JSOC assassination teams given broad discretion.

They are operating like terror cells, partly independent of the stricter command structure we are used to seeing. They have adapted to avoid detection. Therefore the probability of documents is highly unlikely (beyond those listed at right from various places, such as INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP, and similar). They learned from the Pentagon Papers. Maybe there’s a memo floating around about not keeping a paper trail for certain sensitive operations, but that won’t tell what ops are being handled that way.

How can this work? If they were sending these messages via radio and television, wouldn’t we all be doing something like the Tsarnaev brothers, etc.?

Not necessarily. I’ve been thinking about that lately. Here are some thoughts.

First of all, all cable and satellite boxes have unique identifiers, as do Internet-enabled devices and cellphones. INFOOP ROADMAP mentions satellites and cellphones. Those kinds of devices are individually addressed, though they certainly could be done in groups as well.

This also means, I think, it could be inserted anywhere along the data route. Wouldn’t have to originate from the cable, phone, etc. provider but could be added at some point in between you and your provider.

Next, there is the differing threshold for actually picking up, even unconsciously, subliminal audio or a flashed visual message. Some people hear differently and notice more or less than others. Note item 3 from the 1955 MK/Ultra draft memo regarding heightened awareness. Also possible that drugs enhance the usefulness of the subliminals just as another may make hypnosis easier (another item from the same memo).

Are subliminal audio or visual messages enough to cause someone who is not violent to become violent?

I don’t think so. The addition of covert harassment, possibility of drugs (similar to the pharmacological method Huxley refers to in the quotes above to enslave by “feeling good”), social engineering, etc. may also be required as well as a psychological profile of the individual target. For example, Andy Hart may have been struggling with depression before he was forced over the edge (no idea, that just seems possible given how they appear to operate). They look for the weak points that make the target both vulnerable and which lend themselves to plausible deniability, that which will be easily sold as a lie to the public. For example, Tim Russert had arterial disease. The fact that he testified that he and Scooter Libby never spoke of the identity of a covert CIA agent, and that Libby both testified and told the FBI that they not only did but that Russert was Libby’s source for the information does not alter that. It merely, given what else has happened, what the stakes were, understanding the mentalities of those involved, makes is so suspicious that I rather believe it was an assassination.

So much so, that some time later, a well-known FOX commentator will suggest the same.



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