Subliminal Communication Technology Part 3

Becker goes on to mention something Silverman calls “subliminal psychodynamic activation” and three types of studies done: on pathologicals, on college students, and treatment studies. In the two former types, researchers attempted to increase and decrease unconscious conflicts using stimuli frequently related to Freudian psychology. Silverman also later studied things like reducing anxiety and defensiveness in homosexuals, reducing insect phobias and increasing academic.performance.

He cites several studies involving hemisphericity or brain lateralization. That is, the functional differences between the left and right brain being taken into account during hypnosis and subliminal communication. They found that with hypnosis, distraction of the dominant hemisphere while engaging it below the level of awareness as well as assessing the non-dominant side was important to achiving the desired effect.

I wonder what advances in advertising have been made on that premise.

One can imagine how the effectiveness of a subliminal audio message might be enhanced by such distraction in the non-subliminal portion of the delivery system. Would receiving such a message while speaking to a loved one increase the effectiveness?

Next, Becker presents “Subliminal Communication and Hypnosis”, a paper on attempting to combine the two techniques. This sentence in paragraph two of the introduction sticks out to me:

In extensive research, [L.H.] Silverman (1976) has demonstrated that verbal stimuli associated with conflictual wishes or symbiotic fantasies have brought about behavior change.

The paper goes on to describe the instrumentation and in some cases their commercial applications or at least what kind of businesses they were sold to. Professional placement agencies, medical and dental offices and clinics, banks, stores, real estate offices, car lots, apartment rental and travel agencies, for example for the Mark VI audio subliminal processor programmed for affirmations.

Pink sound, or pink noise, makes an appearance. Pink noise is defined as white noise that has “passed through a filter having a 3db per octave attenuation or ‘roll-off’ with increasing frequency.” He explains that in practice they play with it depending on the application. Essentially, pink noise, which resembles the sound of a louvered air conditioning unit, replaces background music when the no suitable music is possible to accompany the intended subliminal audio messages.

In three pink sound experiments researchers intended to attempt to have subjects identify three digit numbers delivered subliminally or the absence of any number at all. The normal conscious level tests were so perfect in results that the second run under hypnosis was scrapped.

Two additional experiments used audio cassette recordings and the results were the same. The actual processor was not required during the experiment, a tape was sufficient.

They considered this a success in showing that subliminals could be used to teach.

Next they go into actual field applications. Regarding the attempts to prevent shoplifting there are a couple of surprises.

From a letter from a store manager in New Orleans where a subliminal sound conditioning background music system was installed. The letter came just seven months after installation:

We have: 1) witnessed an almost complete turnaround in cashier shortages, turnovers, and very important — their attitudes,
2) been able to reduce our stock work force in half, and yet maintain our same level of efficiency

Cheaper labor came before shoplifting (item 3) and it’s a least partially about employee control. Not entirely susprising, I suppose. Huxley’s quote about brainwashed employees/slaves comes to mind. Of course here we are (in item 1) still talking about crime prevention. My concerns are more related to crime escalation via these same methods and the possibility of other forms of manipulation.

One humorous specific from the same letter quoted above:

Before installation of your equipment, we donated a truckload of damaged merchandise to our local church every three months. We have not collected enough damaged merchandise to fill up one truckload since installation if your equipment 8 months ago.

Next, the McDonagh Medical Center reported fewer smoking breaks by employees. No indication as to whether or not food breaks wound up being shortened as well. They seem to have been in the lounge less.

This ability to “educate” without the student knowing consciously where the data came from reminds me of the murderer of Hollywood personage Ronni Chasen, ‘Harold’. He reportedly believed that he was to be paid $10,000 for “a hit” but LAPD never figured out where he got the idea.

It also reminds me of what I called “The Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron.” The background again, a lady on the Squidgate jury who wrote the judge on behalf of the defendent found herself in legal jeopardy a year later less exactly one day of the Squidgate event. A schoolmate of her younger son came over for a visit. He played some video games, went upstairs to use the toilet (it seemed), and left.

Later, it turned out that he had somehow gotten into his head that he was to rob a local check cashing store and the three of them were all in on it. A part I may have forgotten to mention previously, he waited behind another nearby store for the juror to pick him up. This was where he was picked up by the PHPD. He had also glued (what I would learn later was) coyote fur to his face that he had stolen from a craft room in the home when he went upstairs.

And, yes, this was after I created this blog but before I moved to Michigan. I was in Minneapolis at the time and don’t think anyone I knew in Port Huron was familiar with this blog. They still aren’t really.

Even more ridiculous, the police seemed to believe the young man’s story and also attempted to charge the juror with another robbery that had occurred in October 2010. Her personally. The security video showed that it was clearly a man and a witness told them it was a man and yet they tried to charge a woman with the crime.

Additional note, the juror’s defense  attorney for the robbery accusations was later assaulted at the court house by an apparently mentally disturbed man.

These proxy criminals are in essence employees except that they aren’t actually paid, so they are slaves. I believe the methods used operate on the same general principles as Becker and others describe except the veridicals and affirmations are criminal in nature, instead of relaxation you have increased stress and frustration, and likely some affirmations are actually designed to instill low self-esteem especially when the goal is to drive the target to suicide.

If it works with a circa 1980s casette tape, it can surely work with a cellphone, MP3 player, TV, even radio. It’s just a question of who and how.

The next paper deals with rebutting criticisms and scaremongering, as Becker sees it anyway. I am going to pause here.


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  1. […] First, there is the testimony of Admiral Stansfield Turner stating that there were portions of the MK/Ultra umbrella that dealt with attempting to control the behavior of animals. Coupled with that is evidence that it works and has been used.operationally. Most famously, George Clooney’s experience on the set of Syriana involving his dog and a rattlesnake. Though the behavior.involved with that may not require.much beyond getting the dog to go to the area where the snake was and possibly getting both animals to become aggressive, the use of Freudian psychology in either case seems highly unlikely. (Recall that Becker cited research that not only calmed subjects but also increased agitation). […]

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