What’s It Feel Like?

When attempting to describe what “remote torture” feels like, I have often struggled with answering this question even to myself. We are after all largely speaking about something that winds up taking place in the mind. Some targets report far more physical symptoms than I have experienced.

I believe that that difference is due to the relative effectiveness of the subliminal portion on the subject. That is, those who have come to believe that either magic or technology so advanced that it may as well be magic wind up with the hypnotic portion of the overall operation being more effective and having a wider range of experiences or experiencing stronger psychosomatic effects.

Whether this has to do with upbringing, pre-existing psychology, the relative effectiveness of the drugs and/or pathogens involved to affect logic (for the dual goals of ensuring that the target will be dismissed as insane and for making the subliminal suggestions more effective), I don’t know, would not yet want to hazard a guess beyond all of those being possible.

Speaking of which, it occurs to me that there may be three basic types of target.

There are the (let’s call them) wintesses. They include whistleblowers and people like Frank Olson and Bruce Ivins who likely would not have known precisely why they were targeted beyond having worked in senstive areas at Fort Detrick. Also, you have the unusually well-informed who might not have worked in such areas but rather followed it in scientific journals and papers.

Next, there are possibly people who already suffered from some kind of mental illness. It’s no secret that historically the treatment those kinds of people received was not kind. Perhaps what is is that some of those who provided the care were mentally ill themselves. An extreme lack of empathy, however couched in pseudoscientific BS, is still cruelty and when such people do not have medical degrees, we tend to lock them up and call them monster. Not so when it’s someone like Ewan Cameron, for example. On the contrary, someone like him gets to shape the DSM. By using key phrases like “medical research” and “national security”, these sick individuals not only don’t go to prison, they get rewarded both by being allowed to torture victims who have no recourse at all, but also get paid for it by conning politicians into giving them money for doing so. (Speaking of which, great article on how HAARP was at least in part a con).

The reason for using such people is they already start in a position of not being believed due to having a psychiatric history. Generally, these are the test subjects. This also tends to make the other types of targets to tend to not want to discuss the harassment or other strange events they have experienced because they do not wish to be associated with mental illness in any way. This is partly out of fear of ridicule, yes, but also out of irrational fear of mental illness. We all have that just like we do of diseases that disfigure physically.

Third, there are the political targets. These largely consist of celebrities, the up-and-coming, and politicians and those who lead or influence various organizations. This is part of controlling the narrative, of fixing policy, of forcing politicians to react to what seems to be happening. This last was and is the purpose of NATO’s Operation Gladio.

However, for purposes of this post, I am focusing what I believe to be the experiences of those who were driven to violence or suicide as a result of the actions of the people within the governments of NATO member countries, focusing mostly on the US.

There are several states or moods related to having one’s head mucked with in this way. The one I am focusing on is the easiest to describe, and, should anyone who has not yet experienced it do so, they would agree that it rises to torture. Additionally, I think that people who have not experienced this directly will be able to relate to it anyway.

The closest physical sensation I can relate it to is having a strap, metal or, if you recall the old torture, shrinking leather, strapped around the crown of your head, winding down to the nape of the neck. This is likely very similar to.migraines or other forms of vascular headaches. It may be similar to hypertension as well. Not ever having been disgnosed with that, it’s difficult to say for certain.

Additionally, this is sometimes accompanied by a tightness in the throat. This can be described perhaps as the basic sensation of being choked or having a rope around your neck.

It is not the worst headache I’ve ever had, but the fact that sometimes it lasted over and hour or even two, and would sometimes return the next day and the next, and so on, made it quite significant.

At the same time as the pain, there may be a flood of thoughts that are contrary to your own worldview, beliefs, moral code.

Note that there is also sometimes instead laughter for no apparent reason that is likewise accompanied by such thoughts. The former I liken to brute force, this other to being wooed. (The laughter mode sometimes also seems to come with unconscious instructions. I liken this to the unconscious doing stand-up comedy. You consciously laugh but rarely have an inkling as to why. This one often gave rise to some strange behavior and likely some of the older weird posts on this blog.)

Both the pain and the euphoria are attempts at altering behavior by altering thoughts accompanied by emotional stimuli. As I described some time ago, the closest they got to actually getting me to perform (let’s call it) an ultimate act was when I was inatead hit with (I suppose) a quick barrage of depressing thoughts followed by the idea of self-immolating near Capitol Hill as a “way out.” This occurred in Minneapolis, August of ’11, I think. It took me over a week to talk myself out of it. There were several things to debate internally to get this planted urge out of my conscious thoughts. So that is a third “mode”, I suppose, using depressive thoughts and feelings instead.

By the way, that “session”, as I’ve come to refer to them, ended with “There will be worse days than this.”

But it is easy to see, having experienced it, how someone experiencing the painful version especially might be driven to extreme behavior as a method of avoiding it further. For example, I have a hard time walking the tightrope of not allowing my ire alone shape my view of things I see in the news. It makes sense that there are good people out there who would stop, prevent, shut down operations such as the ones I’ve described here, if they could. When that does not happen, however, it is difficult being tortured (as I and any reasonable person experiencing the same would define it) it becomes difficult not to paint with a broad brush. “CIA, FBI, and NSA are corrupt.” Partially true, no doubt, but also a broad generalization ignoring various other factors.

Pain doesn’t understand reason, though. Pain understands stopping pain.

It would be, of course, my desire to say that most or all of the weird I have experienced is simply due to the subliminal stuff I’ve been covering (and will get back to soon), but I am reminded of a few other things that don’t entirely fit that simple hypothesis.

First, there is the testimony of Admiral Stansfield Turner stating that there were portions of the MK/Ultra umbrella that dealt with attempting to control the behavior of animals. Coupled with that is evidence that it works and has been used.operationally. Most famously, George Clooney’s experience on the set of Syriana involving his dog and a rattlesnake. Though the behavior.involved with that may not require.much beyond getting the dog to go to the area where the snake was and possibly getting both animals to become aggressive, the use of Freudian psychology in either case seems highly unlikely. (Recall that Becker cited research that not only calmed subjects but also increased agitation).

Note that there was also the hit-and-run death of the Squidgate juror’s pet dog the night before I left for Toronto last year. The dog at a minimum would have had to be made to run in the path of a vehicle. Then there was the swimming pool incident involving the same dog and the Squidgate juror’s granddaughter some six or more months previous. (All of that is described in more detail elsewhere on this blog).

Secondly, there were the two fake clouds. While it is possible that those were invoked via hypnosis, the fact that it did not reoccur makes me lean toward some form of, probably ultrasound, being used to affect visual perception similar to how voice-to-skull can make it seem as though sounds are being made but are not.

Overall, however, it just points to man’s desire to dominate man for his own purposes. I don’t think anyone should have to point out the extensive history where that is concerned.

Think of it as hunting a stealthy beast that has sufficient intellect to dissemble and pretend to be something that it isn’t. The only ways to identify it are to point out similar species known to exist and to point out the need to take such cryptozoological claims seriously and to attempt to describe it’s habits and diet.

So to speak.


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