Welcome to 21st Century Terror

A bit more about the cadre of current and former intelligence agents connected to the Tsarnaev brothers here. We add Brian Glyn Williams, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Katherine Russell, yet another sometimes CIA front, and the glibly named Jamestown Foundation (yes, among its goals destabilization), to the RAND Corporation (this marks its second connection after the high possibility of profiting from the aftermath of the bombings via TV appearance effect on stock and future contracts; they do intel analysis among other things. This other was the connection to Fuller and Iran-Contra) to Uncle Ruslan and his one-time father-in-law Graham Fuller.

The problem? See this article on FBI’s policy of know-everything-do-nothing. (Yes, that damn well is corruption regardless of the source of the problem). But that’s not the problem I’m referring to. The old way of thinking is. From the same article:

There is zero—and I mean zero—evidence that Uncle Ruslan or the CIA hired these two sad-ass kids in Boston to blow up their neighbors.

Why would there be evidence? It’s done via electronics in order to avoid leaving any evidence. The guilty-dog-barking phonecall is enough for me (see the article).

Prove it isn’t so. There’s so many articles on this kind of tech. The  former Soviet Union’s psychoautocorrection technology alone (and the US-Russian cooperation on keeping it out of the public eye) is sufficient that it should be discussed daily at this point. (See Defense News, January 11-17, 1993, page 29).


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