Subliminal Communication Technology Part 6

It gets even more hilarious.

Mr. Glickman. Are you aware of any research the Defense Department has done in any of these areas?

Mr. Tyler. I am not. I understand that you [Dr. Becker] are.

Tyler turns the spotlight back to Becker.

Dr. Becker. I am not at liberty to answer that question. I am sorry.

Mr. Tyler. In the press there was some indication. Mother Jones, some indication it has been done. We have never been contacted.

Mr. Glickman. I had Army folks a couple of years ago give me a little course in something called neurolinguistic programming. But that is not the same thing as subliminal conditioning.
But it has parallels in certain areas.

Tyler goes on to dispute (apparently correctly) the effectiveness of NLP.

I note, also, that NLP sounds a lot like what Jared Lee Loughner was raving about at some point. The use of grammar to control minds. Something like that.

But to the point, Becker was involved in defense research related to using subliminals to affect human behavior, clearly.

By the way, here’s Becker’s Tulane page. You think that there’s anything missing with regards to his accomplishments? He does not even have a Wikipedia entry (some marketing guru does) nor did I even find a reference to him there.

Next Drs. Silverman and Shevrin. Silverman did not provide a written statement. Shevrin winds up speaking first.

You immediately get a shift in tone.  Shevrin outlines what he’s about to discuss and says he will end it with recommendations regarding legislation for regulating the use of subliminal technology and use and states plainly that it has already been used for commercial exploitation.

He also does not hedge about the effectiveness:

The original findings [in the 1950s], since replicated and supported by improved methods, showed that pictures or words flashed so quickly that the person could not report seeing them, nevertheless registered in the mind unconsciously and influenced consciousness without the person being aware of it.

Such unconscious influences could be detected in dreams, images, hypnotic states, or by subtle changes in the perception of conscious stimuli presented at the same time as the subliminal stimulus. Thus, a neutral face would be seen as angry or happy, depending on whether the word angry or happy had been flashed subliminally at the same time as the neutral face was being displayed.

There’s your election fraud in a nutshell. Simple enough.

It’s also likely one of the ways, somehow similar in principle, that they are able to ruin relationships. As I’ve noted before, voice-to-skull can be used to project an obvious sound into the head of a human being but can also be used to do so with subliminal audio.

The number of possible nefarious applications is only limited by the imagination and funding to find out if said application works.


It was as if when outside of awareness the stimulus was treated in a more dream-like way and appeared to be caught up in the person’s inner preoccupations and fantasies. … it would appear that subliminal stimuli are responded to in quite idiosyncratic and private ways.

Shevrin seems to meander a bit, discusses the differences in brain activity, for example, in a man with blood phobia when shown words that he associates with the sight of blood, both supraliminally and subliminally. He then mentions the 1977 research of Russian scientists Kostandov and Arzumanov. They tested words related to crimes committed by violent offenders. They found that they could almost establish guilt based on presenting words related to the crimes that only the actual perpetrator would know. Shevrin sums it up thusly:

Although this may sound like science fiction, we may be on the threshold of invading the individual’s last stronghold of personal privacy–his own inner thoughts, and this is 1984.

Mindreading via reading brainwave activity. Not the point I was interested in making, but certainly related. He continues:

I hesitate to think what future applications might be if these kinds of findings are further advanced and I would assume as in all scientific fields that they will be advanced. It is only a matter of time.

I am quite concerned that findings of this sort, which are of fundamental scientific importance and which can ultimately be used to benefit mankind, could in the wrong hands be used for invasive and manipulative purposes.

Nearly three decades since then.

I should probably note that many people who consider themselves targeted individuals of organized stalking and/or electronic harassment believe that their thoughts are being read. Typically, but not always, these experiences are similar to Jung’s synchronicity.

I will state that, on occasion I have had experiences for which my mind having been read is one possible explanation. However, since I know (and by now so should you) without a doubt that voice-to-skull exists, it is also possible (and frankly far more probable) that instead of reading my mind, they simply “wrote” the idea in it subliminally and tried to make me think that it was mine that they read and put into the mouth of someone else.

I’ve heard that this has happened to many TIs and many of them wind up thinking that the person speaking can read their thoughts, is one of “them”, the perps, regardless of who it is. I think my explanation far more likely. The person said the same words for the same reason I was thinking them: voice-to-skull or similar. The confusion is likely due to whatever else had been done to the TI, ie, drugs or some substance or pathogen that causes confusion. See again item #1, 1955 draft MK/Ultra memo, causing a person to have illogical thoughts and to behave erratically in public in order to discredit them.

And so there we have Shevrin hitting the nail on the head. Sounds like scifi. The words of Aldous Huxley from 22 years seem prophetic.

Behold the power of science fiction.



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