BBD – Time’s Up

Let’s hope for some
Cause oh, we’re bleeding out

Article over here at Prison Planet describing pretty much what I’ve been suggesting for, I don’t know, years now.

The reason I bring this up, though, involves my short stint over at a local hydrocarbon plant. They make ethanol and store propane. Lots of it. This site, I am told, is on the nation’s top ten terror sites in terms of desirability to see blown up by the kinds of folks who like that sort of thing. Though I have my doubts that any such attempt would be successful (several reasons), the idea that there could be an attempt is high.

So last September or October I had another V2K “session”, like the one in late 2011 that lead to the idea of self-immolating near Capitol Hill. This time, of course, it was to be directed outward.

So, what do you do in that situation? Well, you report it, of.course. I did.

And still we have had covert ops leading to acts of violence since.

Now, is it fair to complain that stopping this isn’t happening fast enough (or, more likely, at all)? Probably not. Look who’s involved, after all. These things take time. It’s not fair.

F*** fair.

When the system is more concerned about covering up criminality than protecting its own people from that same criminality there is a problem so huge it cannot be ignored, cannot wait. The house is on fire, folks.

And soon they will be burying your head in the sand for you. PIPA, SOPA, etc. didn’t pass, screw it, they’ll do it anyway under the guise of protecting infrastructure from e-terror. The Internet police are here, and as the author of the article states (and so have I, repeatedly) the real targets were always the average American.

I don’t have a punchline.


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