Hypocrisy in Action

Regarding the IRS scandal, there are a couple of things to point out.

First, and this should probably be a post unto itself, this reporting of one news item in a vacuum of everything else related is a bad model and at least in part the reason why MSM sucks. Occasionally, you’ll get a thoughtful expert who will point out WhatHasComeBefore. Usually, this is followed by the show host with either open mouth or eyebrows up or furrowed. It is the journalistic equivalent of being unable to walk and chew gum at the same time.

I bring that up again because, well, disclaimer first…

I oppose overreaching of power in general. Doesn’t have to be government, can be corporations and indivuduals as well.

And I don’t agree with the tea party on much (apart from there being something, likely several things, rotten in DC and likely elsewhere) but targetting their organizations was likely wrong, unethical.

That said, far worse was the politicizing of the US attorney’s offices across the country. But these same Congressmen who defended that are on the attack now. (Start at 2003 on this page.)

Additionally, it’s a smaller thing than what many of them have been up to. And most of the time when a congressman gets into what would spell jailtime for any “lower class” human, the entire thing, judge, jury and sentencing gets done in-house by the ethics committee. I think of this as the “jeeze, don’t wind up like Duke fix.”

But there’s CREW paying attention. Here’s their page of scoundrels, most of whom are in the House of Representatives, or as I like to think of it these days, HOR.

So, when you hear, for example, an irate teapublitarian saying something like, “This is the level of accountability in Washington DC” when referring to an IRS employee keeping their benefits after being involved in this scandal, he is likely speaking from experience, personal knowledge, and from the bottom of his skeevy little heart. They are better than you. They, like the corporations who control them, don’t go to jail when they break the law.

Remember? Head lice, dude. This BS grandstanding is one reason why.


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