BBD – Bugger It All

This one is about, shall we say, advanced PSYOPs. This is well beyond 101, but I can’t say for certain if it’s “graduate level”.

It is also rather personal, but then that’s one of the things that makes it both difficult and at the same time crucial to document it. Imagine, assuming you actually read it, trying to explain it to law enforcement or a judge.

I wrote assuming you read it because there’s at least one more thing to know before you click the more link below to get past the fold. If you are troubled by the discussion of certain sex acts, you might want to skip this one.

Also, get over it. You clearly have issues.

But before I get to what you are expecting to be the good part, let’s review.

As noted a few times, including here, there was a brief meeting with a young fellow named James Something-Not-Eagan Holmes in August of last year. At the same monthly party the next month, September, I walked in on James blowing what seemed to be, but only popping into my head after the fellow left, a FBI or other federal agent. He had that look, was how it sort of appeared in my head after the guy waited around for a few minutes in case I wanted to go postal over it, one assumes. Didn’t happen that way, of course.

The point there is, like the utter destruction of my longterm relationship, the meddling in the private lives of US citizens by what is the government or whatever it is that the government refuses to deal with (thereby making them accessories no matter if it is, for example, the GOP’s black bag group).

That notion isn’t new either. Again, see Church/Tower for a lack of details as to who and how, but the destruction of civil rights activists’ marriages by the FBI in the 60s.

And one more thing before we get to the bottom of this post. As teased in the post just below, Lloyd H. Silverman mentioned the work of other researchers finding that depression was somehow related to the emotions guilt and loss when he testified before Congress in 1984 about subliminal communication technology.

Now imagine, on the heels of those pair of parties, you meet someone else. You hit it off as friends and kind of very casually start seeing each other. You do stuff together. Your new friend sometimes has some trouble walking, so you sometimes drive him places. One such place is the doctor’s office.

When he comes out after the appointment, your friend mentions something that really seems very, very odd. The doctor told him that “gay sex” could kill him.

Now, there are several questions going through your head. Does he mean HIV/AIDS? No. Does he mean heart issues? Your friend does have some heart related issues but they aren’t immediately life threatening. Maybe he meant that, the friend says.

But, if he did, then why not all strenuous activity? Why not any sex? Why specifically gay sex?

You decide that it’s gotta be yet another voice-to-skull moment, the kind of thing that sometimes happens to you every day or more often, or that the doctor is some kind of bigot or horribly misinformed or something. You forget about it.

It isn’t really until you make a day trip to Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan medical center there, for some additional tests that it starts to become clear. Your friend has severe arterial blockages in his pelvis.

While “I once killed a man with my dick” might actually be a decent pickup line in some places, I doubt those would the kind of bars I’d prefer to frequent.

I can’t tell you the number of times the request for that activity has been made except to say that it equals the number of times I’ve declined.

But imagine for a moment if that hadn’t been the case. Imagine it had happened and he had died as a result.

Guilt. Loss. Depression. Potentially to be followed by suicide.

This is the “game.” This is America’s true face. This is how you deal with federal witnesses when the criminals are themselves in the government or have enough sway over it. This is how you try to keep the quantum leaps in behavioral manipulation over human beings and the fact that it has been and is being used to determine domestic political policy, spending, etc. out of the public eye. You murder. You humiliate. You try to do so in a way that the target, should he realize what the game is, will be reluctant to discuss it, much less blog about it.

That’s why I have to.


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