Herrera Believed That He Was Psychic

The complaint states Herrera was polite at the start of the flight, but later made claims of being psychic and asked a woman seated next to him: “What would you do if I open the exit door?”

Wonder if she thought, “Your’re the psychic, you tell me.”

The legal complaint also states that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had not been taking his medicine. This is perfect cover and likely why he was chosen to intimidate those who have a grasp about what’s going on with regards to Gladio, maybe just making everyone afraid enough to desire mercenaries on every street corner, aboard every plane and ship, etc. So many financial and political motives that you don’t always know which is directly responsible. But they are there.

ABC News 15 Phoenix

Now, why might the psychic stuff be important?

See here, for example (A long year and a half old post about a two year old event. See the part beginning with “A drug deal…” and ending with “monsters in charge.” By the way note how the earlier of two posts from last Tuesday the 21st is sort of a clever variation on this one). Recall also the use to make me think that my longterm partners brand new hubby was trashtalking me and how I managed to confirm the crap that I “heard” was never said.

Makes quite a difference when you first suspect, then later know, that voice-to-skull exists, doesn’t it? Probably also helps to not have bipolar disorder. Also helps to have seen so much cloak-and-dagger foolishness that the question “Why?” followed by the answer “They wouldn’t” no longer much occurs to you.

There is, of course, the flip side to that, the part without motive. For example, when George Hunter White went about slipping LSD to people, it was noted that the inability to spend adequate time with the targets after they were dosed, White’s lack of scientific training and failure to keep adequate notes in any case, and general failure to use scientific methodology rendered that MK/Ultra subproject largely useless. Then, why?

Because they could. Because they can.


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