News Updates – Holmes, Manning

James Eagan Holmes’ change of plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity has been granted.


He has sometimes looked bug-eyed and confused and other times so despondent and drowsy that people questioned whether he had been drugged.

The use of the quote is more for dramatic effect than an indicator of anything nefarious. One would expect that he’d be on some kind of drug to make him more capable of helping his attorneys with his defense and perhaps at the same time aiding his defense by not being afraid to hide his mood swings, changes of frame of mind, or (in the off chance he’s faking) making it seem that way.

Of course I don’t think he’s faking it.

No mention of his father at all. Conspicuous by the absence. Except you can bet that the hole-pluggers (and since this country generates around 92 million pages of secret documents per year you better believe they exist) come up with some explanation for the LIBOR “coincidence” that will make even the most liberal and power-suspicious among the media stop asking about it (not that many have started).

There’s some other interesting news in there, a (as yet) secret psychological diagnosis.

I’ll just remind again that Dr. E. Fuller Torre, who was quick to diagnose Oscar Ortega-Hernandez with “classic” schizophrenia for the NYT, is a believer that that disorder has some kind of exposure cause, and not as was previously supposed a wholly genetic one. In other words, it may be possible to “give” someone schizophrenia. The ultimate assassination tool. Similar to the (I assume) urban legends about giving people one giant hit of LSD putting them into a permanent coma, it would tend to disable without killing.

The Manning trial has begun. As you may know, I think he was framed regardless of whether or not he had his hand on the keyboard. The just-prior psychological documents, the fact that someone in one of the many, many security divisions must have noticed something was up in the network/Internet connection well before the cables were released (if the government’s version of events is at all true) and yet they let it proceed, and the brainwashing at Quantico all point to something else.

And for folks who don’t know, I’m not (just) talking out of my ass here. I have, no question, been subjected to some of the same means and methods used in some of these false-flag/behavioral modification cases. Drugged without my knowledge or consent, harassed psychologically and via remote electronic means (such as voice-to-skull or whatever has replaced it), and in general had my life wrecked, destroyed, vaporized all the while seeking help from authorities who let it happen anyway. And they provide the reminder from time to time that they did so (this is an entity that wants you dead when they do that, no question, no other adequate explanation). Just the way it is, the only way it can be.

Been reading Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry. A couple of things really strike you about halfway through. First, we, the people, actually have no f***ing clue at all as to what our government is up to nor how it does it. Of course, under certain circumstances we expect and accept that. But forget oversight. There are a handful of legislators who get told everything and they can’t even discuss it with each other much less anyone else. No debate by design. Even though this was likely true before 9/11 *, the terror attacks made that a semi-permanent, no questions asked, policy. That is not oversight, that is pretense. Pretense that invites abuse and corruption.

The other thing is just how staggeringly large it all is. There must be hundreds of organizations, most inside DoD. While some may be created with shelflives in mind and disappear after their goals are achieved, many do not. This thing is sprawling and unimaginably so.

But who’s behind NKINTRA? Could very be something we’ve never even heard of that utilizes resources from the others. ** What I still can’t quite figure is why it was so easy to point to MK/Ultra draft memo, the Church/Tower hearings, and COINTELPRO documents for answers. It’s as though this other entity were trying to frame them, perhaps, in order to steal turf and/or those precious budget dollars and yet somehow be immune to discovery and/or retribution.

* JSOC, for example, was created in 1980 and a vast majority of people never knew it existed until less than ten years ago, most likely most still don’t despite its making of news in the OBL assassination.

** JSOC does this.


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