Prism and Edward Snowden

I gave myself a new guideline. I decided some time ago to only post on subjects related to “brainhacking”, those that relate to my harassment and similar or related harassment of others, or what I view as the overall goals and the lying liars who perpetuate same.

Therefore, even though it’s fascinating and something that everyone should be concerned with, I’m going to focus more on whistleblower Edward Snowden rather than the revelations that NSA has direct access to the servers of Google, Yahoo, Apple and others.

There are a lot of things to pull from this article. Snowden worked at Booz Allen Hamilton (see possible connection to behavorial modification as well as to my NYC past here), for example, and overseas outsourcer of tech phone workers, Dell.

An additional interesting thing is that he started having seizures last year:

He then advised his NSA supervisor that he needed to be away from work for “a couple of weeks” in order to receive treatment for epilepsy, a condition he learned he suffers from after a series of seizures last year.

Interesting because like that weird evening/morning that seemed to resemble Julian Assange’s except such a lame attempt as to be comical. Can’t lay link on that post where I detailed it at the moment, but that was the point of the extended title of this earlier one.

In early March I mentioned a sudden surge of health issues among co-workers and their children. Among them, a girl scout who suddenly started having seizures. See here, paragraph beginning “(And believe it or not…”. Believe it or not, it’s not paranoia talking when I question whether or not that was a form of harassment. I have had all “they wouldn’t” beaten out of me, systematically and consistently. They would. They are.

Why? You figure it out. Here’s that darn MK/Ultra memo again:

5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

Or is it a possible side-effect?

Kind of an awkward position for me since I agree that we need oversight desperately, but I’m generally opposed to the use of NLWs for purposes of affecting domestic policy on principle even if I agree with the reason behind its use. It violates privacy in the most personal way possible, by foisting and forcing unwanted ideas on a person and thereby enslaving them to someone else’s purposes and power. It’s a violation of the 14th Amendment and is only becoming more and more of an issue as the means and methods become more and more effective.

In my experience and that of other whistleblowers, especially from NSA, would seem to agree that:

…it is a matter of principle.
“The government has granted itself
power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight. The result is people like [Snowden himself] have the latitude to go further than they are allowed to,” he said.


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