What’s Wrong with the Snowden Narrative?

Several things.

“NSA expanded surveillance after 9/11.”

While likely true, domestic surveillance kicked off under GROUNDBREAKER in February of 2001. In case it is at all unclear, February comes before September.

“These are revelations.”

Not exactly. I had not heard the direct server access stuff before, but the rooms where the intercepts of ALL (all means all) electronic transmissions (phone, fax, internet) was covered before Obama was elected on, for example, MSNBC.

“Snowden vetted the documents he released, Manning did not.”

And this comes out during the latter’s trial. Starting to look a little bit like a limited hangout. I mean examine the attention and coverage and where it lay.

“US citizens are not targeted.”

You have to learn to speak weasel if you are ever going to catch on to what your government is up to. What that means to them is that they aren’t singling people out…as targets. Targets implies some are, some aren’t. No, this is something akin to TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS, which means everybody is being completely recorded. See? You aren’t being targeted. You’re in the same voted-most-likely-to-be-accidentally-blown-up-by-drone boat that everyone else is. Planetwide. (Or tortured, drugged, disappeared, robbed, locked away in a NDAA prison, and/or whatever else may befall you in a country that has completely lost its f***ing mind and sold out its own citizens).

“All they’re doing is connecting phone numbers.”

Are there, then, enough phone numbers planetwide–let’s throw in all numbers since the invention of the telephone as well just for jollies–to justify the size of the data center being built in Utah?

Overall this is a distraction. Nothing is going to change as a result, just like the only thing that changed after the Petraeus scandal was he got a better paying job.

What will happen is Bradley Manning’s rights will be trampled and, some months down the road, when reporting on it will no longer matter because what’s done is done, it will come out what happened while we were looking at (important but) recycled news.

We can’t resist the smell of blood, can we? It’s a diversion.


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