A Post About Nothing

(with a nod to Larry David and Billy Shaxbird).

I could talk about absurdities. I could mention that the Tea Party in Michigan is abandoning Governor Snyder because they say he expanded or helped or tried to expand healthcare coverage to half a million Michiganders, but there’s so much bizarre going on at once in that sentence alone that it practically gobbles itself and disappears into a bizarro dimension. I know sometimes I sound like a tea party member. Believe me, I have a whiff of what they have in mind and understand it well enough to know it comes down to persecution by the majority if they were to come into the majority…which I figure is only a matter of time. They are, even if ultimately controlled by Koch or some other conservative group, a “starfish” and in real life that means it’s hard to counter. They intend, if given the world they want, to have the power to dictate, for example, who eats, who doesn’t. It’s that whole idea about, for example, boycotting a corporation or an entire industry taken to the personal level. Their solution is to have the “freedom” to decide who is a citizen and who isn’t based on what amounts to bigotry disguised as morality or economic xenophobia. It sounds quite unbelievable, and they use other words to describe it, but that’s really what it would result in. And they blame the federal government for everything. If we got rid of the US government, they say, corporations would cease to exist because their legal basis would be gone. Yeah, who then would tell them that?

But I don’t really want to talk about it.

Or, I could point out that NSA chief General Keith Alexander, been in that position since 2005–just as the second year of the great spook privatization known as Top Secret America was underway–is both a big pusher for “cybersecurity” and, in what I must call absurd, was said not to be Dr. Strangelove by Peter Singer of the Brookings Institute. Absurd because when you say someone isn’t something, you actually draw attention to potential comparisons.

But I’m really not interested.

I could write up that post I was considering this morning about my possible reversal on the position on posting the Ten Commandments in public buildings. I’ve decided that the real reason Teapublitarians want that is to remind themselves about right and wrong, and at this point I’ll take what I can get in that regard. Really, it’s an unconscious cry for help. We should heed it.

But I don’t feel like posting about that either.

Then I could talk about how avoiding the news is practically impossible, that despite my best efforts to do so, I saw that Obama “pulled a Reagan” on Bill Moyers, that is he lied. There is nothing even approaching checks and balances where the post-911 world is concerned. There is no way, if Snowden’s story about loosey-goosey surveillance access at NSA is at all true, that he could know when and how that power was and still can be abused. It’s utterly preposterous, and speaking as someone who found themsevles on the wrong end of the runaway intelligence corruption train, if there are checks and balances, any kind at all of any meaning, then the President and Congress declared war on the American people (and the occasional Canadian who ventured over the border). Since I doubt that that was the case, I’m going with the blind eye to abuse theory.

But I’m sick of the topic already.

So, instead, I’ll just say sorry to a new follower or three on the blog and Twitter for not posting anything today. But thanks for the follows. As you can see, you’re among interesting company:




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