One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple Scapegoat

Just a quickie due to limited connectivity.

The general consensus among the conspiracy theory crowd is, as some may know, space aliens. Space aliens to explain why our government is so secretive, space alien technology to explain magic tricks done by intel sector tricksters that generally are explainable if you look in the right places and understand Clarke’s third law. Space aliens especially to explain the need to reduce the population of the Earth.

You see, despite the ability to travel faster than the speed of  light and the ability to control people’s minds, for some reason they just can’t beat a world full of 10 or so billion humans. Nevermind that when they allegedly arrived the population was much lower. Nevermind that there’s another perfectly logical explanation that doesn’t require anything more than remembering what humans are capable of and paying just a little closer attention to what’s going on.

But assuming for a moment, just for jollies, that Congress, for example, believed it. Assume that key members, they’ve been briefed about the alien threat. What would the response be?

Right. Same result as 9/11. Throw more money at people who lie and kill for a living and are responsible for the phony “alien threat” BS to begin with.

See my point? The world’s elite get to sit back like those families enjoying picnics on hills during Civil War battles while the rest of humanity tears itself to pieces over scraps. Our government’s (this includes local and state) only real, substantial, function is the flow of money to the wealthy and the protection of those companies (many of whom outsource jobs overseas, some others fund terrorism and launder drug money) under the guise of “keeping jobs here, doing it “for us”, preventing worse economic disasters.

And, in a similar way to how the House of Saud blames the US when educating their own people in order to redirect their ire away from themselves, there is that group of folks who will blame space aliens because it’s more pleasant to think it’s an outsider murdering your family than those people who look like heroes on the TV. “Can’t be us. We’re not that bad. I didn’t do anything wrong.” Maybe you just haven’t met the right wrong people.

Anyway, has to be said (again). Someone out there knows why. As long as you focus on mythical greys, you’re going to miss the very real “ghosts” who are working diligently to rid the world of anyone unfortunate enough to require oxygen to breathe. Someone else (who likely worked a lot harder making oxygen scarce than you ever did, and for profit) believes it’s their property. And they’re saying “git offa muh land,” knowing full well you’ve only six feet under to go. Same old West meme, just global.

(And in case you’re feeling too good and want a headache, think of a possible rebuttal: “Of course, you say this, Chris. The aliens want us to turn on each other to reduce the population.” See what I mean? The perfect scapegoat right after false-flag terrorists).


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