BBD – Same Abuse, Different Day

Michigander Ron is in the hospital. I don’t actually expect this to be fatal, but then I never expected the US government would burn down homes on US soil, murder American citizens to achieve political goals either, most of them for personal financial gain via creating and capitalizing on an atmosphere of distrust, stifling free speech that it claims to protect, and attempting to radicalize and weaponize people like myself through drugging and harassment.

Why is he in the hospital? Because he helped a lady in a wheelchair up a flight of steps.

Was that V2K made him do that? Possibly not. He is that kind of person. Despite his own physical disability, he would at least want to help someone marginally worse off than himself. This is why he’s worth a thousand of people like the one portrayed in Zero Dark Thirty who says “I’m here to break you.”

But that he was put in that position? That his path crossed this woman’s? Decidedly so. It’s what I call the “but for” argument. But for the influence of the intel community, 911, 311, various shootings, etc. would likely not have happened.

I don’t like the term mind control because it sounds like we’re talking about robots. It doesn’t work that way. There is a logic however twisted it might be due to what’s done to the people pushed out in front of the cowards who run these programs, use these methods.

Especially interesting because these devices are illegal in Michigan.

A thousand of you.


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