I know how difficult it can be. Damn near everything you see seems to be screaming don’t bother, forget it, or there’s no point trying. And I can’t really blame anyone for deciding to try to just forget about it.

That said, indicators can lie. Enough people blowing in the wind, pushing in a different direction than seemingly unstoppable momentum can alter the course. Maybe just two. Gravity, vectors are funny things; forces that sometimes behave in unexpected ways despite a thousand voices saying otherwise.

So I can’t make such a decision for someone else. I don’t and won’t blame someone for choosing the wider, seemingly safer, path. Seems on one level to be about one person, maybe a few, anyway. I disagree, but that’s also something I can’t decide for someone else. Corroborate or no, no hard feelings. Can’t blame.

But what I can do is make a promise. If I’m still breathing, I’ll be there or as close to there as I can get. That’s assured. The other thing is you can bet that there will be an increase in the purchase of antacids in the locales concerned.

Because I won’t be quiet. That’s a promise. One I aim to keep.


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