BBD – Now with 25% More BS

Right. Michigander * Ron in the hospital.

There are lots of additional, relatively minor things going on. Some are I suppose less minor but so similar to what has come before and already been documented here that most of it seems redundant to mention. Disputes among people that I can’t otherwise make sense of. Weird rumors, some about me, that I know aren’t true.

But then there’s the fact that for the past month or two someone has been harassing Ron on his phone. It always seems to happen when I’m not around and I was at least a little inclined to wonder if he wasn’t making it up (with or without the influence of V2K, etc.).

But I have seen the phone numbers on his cellphone. He has a friend in law enforcement, so I figured I’d talk to him about it.

Ron has also had this very annoying habit of deleting his call log because, he says, he doesn’t want to think about the harasser every time he goes to make a call.

In other words, he’s deleting evidence of being harassed. Against my advice. Against any kind of logic I can think of apart from what I said above: he prefers to ignore it rather than deal with it. Whoever this caller or these callers are, he says they have mentioned my name.

A third number appeared last night. Yet another piece of evidence. Ron was drugged up last night and again deleted the number.

But that’s not all…

His law enforcement friend stopped in, so I mentioned the harassing phone calls. I’d been meaning to for some time but that was my first opportunity.

His roommate at the hospital was discharged yesterday. So, when visiting hours ended last night, he was the only occupant.

Around 9PM, they admitted a man looking for pain killers. He’d been in at least two times previous.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

Today, while the nurse took Ron in for a shower, the roommate stole the phone. This was not a clever crook. Ron learned his name, where he lives, etc. This was drug addiction doing the thinking. Sort of.

Because like so many other “coincidences” this one stinks, too. The mistake most people would make would be to assume the junkie was paid to steal the phone. Not impossible, of course, except those responsible know I am fully capable and willing to call each and every law enforcement entity with anything approaching jurisdiction. Therefore, the more likely explanation is to goad me to do just that followed by an “open and closed”, run-of-the-mill, drug-related theft. Undermines credibility that anyone would suggest that the two things, the harassing phone calls and the theft, are related.

But that is exactly why this stuff is so dangerous. It’s not just the US domestic assassination program (so much worse than surveillance) but also the one-stop “fix it” program. You can arrange pretty much anything. Shall I go through some oldies but goodies?

After the Squidgate situation arose, I suddenly found myself subject to direct or indirect contact with four former New Jersey Shakespeare Festival company members. One of them lived just five blocks away for years but I never ran into him until the s hit the f. Another was suddenly feeling nostalgic and called old numbers, had his computer-literate girlfriend do a lot of web research to locate me. Another was at a party that I thought I wound up at randomly. And of course I discovered that yet another did the voice work for the audio book version of one of Peter Watts’ novels. All of that in a three-month period.

This is what I meant about putting Ron in the position of having to help a woman in wheelchair or to walk away. A psych profile alone could predict the outcome with high certainty. It’s just a matter of making sure that their paths crossed. These people know where and when someone is going to go postal, they can make sure you are there under what you think are normal, completely unrelated business.

And then there’s the whole stolen phone thing. Happened to me in Manhattan mere days before the Squidgate trial occurred. Again, did the guy steal it (and, by the way, subsequently sell it to someone who speaks Farsi), or was it strictly a V2K “puppet show”? Don’t know, but, like the 12/23/09 arson, I expect the latter. Subliminals, radio waves, microwaves, and ultrasound don’t leave a trace so far as I know.

Disappearing evidence, regardless as to how it happens, sure looks suspicious though, dudn’t it?

* A recent mass email from Senator Levin used Michiganian. Pretty sure I looked that up.


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