BM Update Updated

Added some links to the Behavioral Modification page (Jeff Stein’s WaPo blog, US Senate MKULTRA report at the NY Times) as well as the 2006 FOIA request response from the US Army to Donald Friedman. There’s a link to the INSCOM report (declassified one week prior to the date of their cover letter to Friedman) included and it has been added to the History links at right.

2nd Update: Added an MK/Ultra tab at top listing many of the 149 subprojects and related projects. Number 68 is notably missing and some folks seem to think it’s the human behavior control project. I think 102, 103, 112, and 117 are hilarious (“think of the children”) since it would seem to tie in so closely with the Republican political backer funded schools I once noted as likely more interested in brainwashing than anything else. There are also “African Attitude” studies (which I take to mean African-American) and 119 “Telecontrol” at Texas Christian. Many schools mentioned, including the infamous McGill (“witch doctors”?) in Quebec.


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