BC Plot Foiled

The Globe and Mail – RCMP thwarts plot to bomb B.C. Legislature on Canada Day

Mounties say they have thwarted an alleged plot, inspired by al-Qaeda, to explode pressure cooker bombs at the B.C. Legislature on Canada Day.

How is a pressure cooker bomb inspired by Al Qaeda, I wonder?

These are the same kind of devices used in the bloody Boston Marathon bombing in April.


B.C. Premier Christy Clark, speaking to the media outside the B.C. Legislature on Tuesday, said it was “profoundly shocking” to think that the accused had hoped to harm “thousands of people who were gathered here on Canada Day with their families and their children.”

Ms. Clark said she was relieved to hear from the RCMP that the accused did not have ties to foreign terrorists.

“These individuals were inspired by al-Qaeda ideology. Our investigation demonstrated that this was a domestic threat, without international linkages,” assistant RCMP commissioner James Malizia said.

“It is very important that Canadians remain vigilant. We encourage the active engagement of all of our citizens in protecting Canada’s national security as this is a shared responsibility.”

Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said the July 1 arrests demonstrate that “terrorism continues to be a real threat to Canada.”

Hoo boy. TV is not all we export. Clearly fear mongering and suspicion are taking a new second.

Still, I gotta love how much more mature and less sensational our northern neighbors sound when discussing what is in reality false-flag terrorism along the lines of GLADIO in support of multinational banks who make extra money on war, famine, drugs, panic and death:

“We all agree that crimes of this nature are not acceptable as they work to destroy the very foundation to a safe and peaceful society. While these charges are shocking, they are still rare.”

Precisely. Undermine the foundation of society. Increase the war, famine market shares. That’s not some mullah hiding in a hole. That’s some powerful individual with no devotion to the ideals of nationhood nor humanity.

And I’m telling you, they are using behavioral mod electronics to achieve that. One problem, one source. Determining whether the “head” is in NATO or the banks or is the individuals who control one, the other, or both, well that’s the hard part.


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