Close Enough

(And here I was hoping for a day off.)

Sounds like a simple, “normal” situation, doesn’t it? I mean bad things do occasionally happen to important folks.

But then there is the odd similarity between this, the hiking death of Senator Mark Udall’s brother, and the canoe trip that did in former CIA director Colby.

How could it have been done? So many to pick from. You’ve got the recently blogged-about SANGUINE SHELF potential to make someone essentially drunk. Disoriented, even an experienced hiker could make a fatal error. Then there’s the “heart attack machine”. Details on that are a bit sketchy apart from it being hinted at in that INSCOM report on the behmod page, link above. Then you could just mess with his head via V2K and/or your Russky-flavored acoustic psycho-correction until he’s just too exhausted. Many other less sophisticated options as well but then you have to have boots on the ground.

But, hey, these things happen. What so special about Udall anyway?

Well, he’s on the Senate Armed Services committee. That in itself is, I suppose, not a major red flag.

But then there’s the subcommittees. What’s this one? Ah. Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities. And look who else is on that committee.

This is how the game is played. They make it personal and weave a fake, familar, storybook narrative to distract from the real goal: intimidating the oversight. Think I recently covered that general concept.