More on the BC Terror Couple

The Vancouver Sun – Surrey Couple Charged with Terror Plot Against Legislature

A clever move by the US false-flag terrorist enclave:

There was a poster for a protest in May against Monsanto, a multinational company that produces genetically modified wheat. A damaged TV in the bedroom was painted with the words MK-Ultra, an apparent reference to a controversial CIA brainwashing program that ran from the 1950s to the early ‘70s.

Note that Monsanto figured prominently in this expose on Blackwater over at The Nation. This was the same article that contained portions of a Blackwater email mentioning their Al Qaeda affiliate and that they illegally sold secrets to the Canadian military.

This is in essence how the criminals behind these illegal domestic spying and assassination programs try to turn things around. By putting this in the minds of a pair of Muslim/atheists (read the article, don’t they sound like they’ve had their heads filled with disparate ideas?) they can now put anyone even mentioning MKUltra or Monsanto on the “watch list.”

Don’t like people talking about your criminal activities? Make it scary, bordering on illegal to do so.

Twisted, idn’t it?


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