It’s Eating Itself

The article here, regarding the leak of the Obama administrations plan to stop future leaks.

But that’s just one of many clown cars going around in circles:


“…not found any silver bullets.” That’s because, of course, they are looking in the wrong direction * . But you cannot explain this to these people, believe me. Not when there’s cash to be made off of paranoia.

Note MITRE Corp.’s involvement in electronic NLWs. At least one conference was held at their HQ.

I wish I knew where to look. There’s bound to be some thinktank papers along the lines of, “…the world is running out of resources. We must therefore concentrate on the non-physical. We must, for example, make concepts profitable business sectors. Paranoia. Fear. These are the cash cows of the 21st Century.”

I was going to go with a “report on your co-worker” letter signed by someone named “Joe” who has noticed that his boss has been acting strangely for the past couple of years, taking opposite positions on various topics from his previous stances, behaving more and more like the prior guy in the junior position, but I guess I’m just not in the mood.

Profitability comes before any actual security so long as they control the terror and leakage.

* And perhaps believe in werewolves. Or maybe they at least hope to engender belief in same so they can get yet another tax-wasting contract, though it would likely read more entertaining than protecting people from needles in haystacks.