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Had quite the twitter day yesterday. Culminated in this quickfic piece over here.

As sometimes happens, my inquiries (which likely appear to instead be signs of mental illness to most) resulted in a couple of explanations, things that fit snugly with the things I’ve been wondering.

First, this exceedingly ballsy dude over here gives us the quick and dirty history of banking and how it relates to the world today. Yes, besides those clients I’ve already listed, a division of Rothschild was also included. Again, never spied on them, even though they were right down the hall from my office between 1999 and 2010. * Read on.

Now, let’s think about that. Wouldn’t it be more sensational, more interesting, more likely to lead to fame and beaucoup cash for some crappy “nonfiction” book if I said that I had? That’s not why I do what I do (though certainly attention to the problem would help). I don’t see the point in lying when the idea is to get some corroboration on being harassed, tortured, ruined.

Also interesting was one of (IMO) Jon’s better posts about Snowden, but more importantly, NSA. He relates the theory of Brad Thor and his fiction book, Black List, which he based around some real-world research. Essentially, it’s crook vs. crook, insider trading ** game among spies who know what to do by spying on the world’s powerbrokers. The powerbrokers are understandably upset that NSA (and CIA and In-Q-Tel I would add) are leeching off of their illgotten gains because it’s drawing attention to them.

Sounds exactly like what I’ve said my involvement (pre-Squidgate) was. It also explains most everything else. Why so many groups seem interested in recruitment of a sort (they don’t get that I’m not an actual spy, wasn’t ever, merely someone’s fallguy should the ugly surveillance truth come out), and what can only really be described as a concerted effort to make me kick the bucket via, if possible, natural causes from all the stress, poverty brought by ruin, remote torture, etc.

It does also to an extent explain Squidgate. The means and capabilities are both a bit beyond what most of us believe and conflict with the historical record as delivered by Sidney Gottlieb (said his research was largely a waste of time) and confirmed by historians like Alfred McCoy (said CIA pushed the Machurian candidate stuff to detract from the interrogation goals–might be true but the V2K and related hypnosis/subliminal portions never really saw the light of day so I believe that to be false). Now that anyone and everyone of import seems to have access to these gadgets as fix-it devices, seems to me the advantages of keeping those things secret are over.

But others will disagree.

The larger point, though, is I never wanted this. Was never really given much choice. I wonder if the reason that real-world cloak and dagger throws me into fits of laughter (it typically does) is that somehow I’ve always understood the futility. The supreme effort that may, tomorrow if not already, require the opposite to be done. Enemies and allies change regularly and only people who enjoy it for the game, have no other options and are capable of coping, or somehow kid themselves into thinking it has some real meaning can survive in that world day to day. That’s not me. They say a system cannot truly know itself. I wonder if the opposite is somehow true, that an entity that knows a system cannot become part of it. That is me.

Basically, I don’t have the desire to fight international banks who will simply adapt to whatever is thrown at them. Nor do I desire to reap the benefits of working for those evil f—ers. They want a US civil war, maybe a larger international war to take financial advantage of, they are going to get it. There are no “good guys” badass enough to prevent that. So the result is accepting whichever lie they throw at us (minorities and Muslims are the problem, for example) and go all gung ho retard. (Sorry, but that phrase describes the behavior of so many people I’ve encountered.)

Or the extremely divisive Martin/Zimmerman situation. That was and is an attempt to start riots and bait a president by a group of sell-outs and their puppetmasters. A race war among two minorities provides all sorts of financial opportunities and something to hang your hat on where desired future mass brainwashing attempts to turn most Americans into bigots lay.

What’s then, the advantage of keeping remote, mood-altering electronics a secret? The best defense is to know that it can be done, to warn people to be careful, cool their jets. If every major state and corporation in the world has it, then the only people it’s being kept secret from are the citizens of those countries.

And like I’ve been saying, it could be used to create “phony” peace as easily as false-flag warfare. Also invasive but not murder that way.

But the larger point, there can be no victory, merely some ground given. Sure, I could try to pretend that, for example, gay marriage is enough to fight for and leave it at that. But that having much personal meaning to me was one of the first things that they succeeded in taking away and the continual BS means it’s not likely to change before the stroke or complete heart failure. And knowing how that was done (and that any larger political gains in that area could be taken away again via the same means anyway) makes it seem futile, delivers me right back to where I was this time yesterday (except for the notion that maybe this is more Cervantes than Melville after all and if so, why am I still here?).


I’ve talked a lot about controlling the narrative. A great phrase is “framing the debate.” That’s what happens. Are you for or against Wikileaks? Bradley Manning? Edward Snowden? Are you for Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman? Republican or Democrat?

I think what I’m trying to say is that we are too trusting of what’s before us. The only reason I seem to have a “firewall” is having seen just how goddam ugly life in this country can be, how when someone “important” has it in for you, there’s nothing you can do to stop that. Having had the illusions of democracy and the rule of law dispelled for me was shocking enough to question whatever data comes knocking since provided I’m at least conscious of its arrival. The other stuff, the subliminals, requires noticing its presence via thoughts that seem somehow out of place.

(Mini-Rant “Whoopeee!!! And ain’t it wonderful? John Henry bested the steam pile driver! What’s that? He’s dead and destitute, a victim of the railroad baron system? Hm. How much did you want for those pile drivers anyway, I’ll take three.”)

This has to happen to a majority before things can change? Good luck, most people won’t have a clue and will recommend superstitious practices to return things to normal.

We’ve been trained to deal with the world a particular way. The way it actually works is not conducive to that.

A recent op-ed I read by a Jewish liberal stated that neoconservatism is officially dead due to some bigoted comments made by David Brooks (one of the movement’s leaders, thinkers, writers). I disagree. They already won. They control it all apart from those multinational banks who they have paved the way for.

That’s partly why Scahill’s new book and film didn’t have the impact that it should. Liberal media is screaming in an echo chamber. Folks, there are many people who are happy when they read about a dead muslim no matter where that happens. That’s the result of 9/11. That’s the success and legacy of the neocons. That they aligned themselves with these multinational entities who proftitted off of that and more is why they got away with it.

And the best response the Democrats could come up with was that killing innocent people in the name of the WoT was superior to torturing them. *** That’s why the drones more than the renditions now.

And even those who know that 9/11 was just updated NORTHWOODS re-set in the Middle East don’t want that to come out because of the “damage” it will do. They likely aren’t seeing the damage that the great lie is doing.

In order to reverse bigotry, you must take away the excuses. How can you do that when there’s a black ops process to “prove” the opposite and alter minds?


Ahem. The Greys say to pay me lots of money or they’ll take away the Sun.

(Figured it was worth a shot, C. Local Fox affiliate suggested alien involvement in Detroit’s orange sky last night. Was red and pink here).

* The point was to have an ignorant dupe standing there in case the snoop-profiteers got caught. I wondered, for example, “Why Philip Morris when Bush-41 was in office?” Wasn’t strictly speaking government related. Was insider trading inside the intel community.

** Take a look at my sparse trading history and see if I fit that bill, an “all-knowing” inside trader. I contemplated at one point doing the opposite of whatever I’d made my mind up to do. Am certain I’d have fared better.

*** Which again makes me wonder why I got the opposite treatment.