More on Drugs Used at Gitmo

Truthout – Documents Show CIA Stockpiled Antimalaria Drugs as Incapacitating Agents

More on the history and connection to MKULTRA and the use of mefloquine/Loriam and cinchonine. Effects vary.

It also shows some interesting possible connections between reverse engineering torture resistance (the SERE program) and the use of antimalarials. Dr. Ritchie was involved in both and one goal of the former was apparently to cause learned helplessness, a desired side-effect of torture, making the tortured dependent on the torturer.

I would further note that that likely is also a desired goal in using voice-to-skull. If you were to read some of the accounts of the victims (speaking of whom, in case you missed it, see the Stop OS ad via the post below), you’d see what I mean and how it is, no question, possible to turn someone into a killer remotely by using those means over time. Loughner, no question in my mind.


Stop Organized Stalking Ad


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The ad in the Washington Post Express has been published today and can be found at this link:

When you arrive at the page, click on the ‘print edition’ box and the magazine opens. To see the ad, advance forward using the arrows to page 4 to see the ad. You may enlarge the page to full screen using a button in the top left corner of your screen.

To get a closer look at the letter, visit this link –

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It’s in the Tuesday, July 16, 2013 edition here (full magazine is 19MB).