Public Relations

CIA Helps Bankroll $600,000 Study

This is what we call a PR campaign. Some of the other sources make it sound as if they alone are paying for it and don’t mention the measly sum dedicated to these studies.

Believe me, if they and they alone were fer-reals bankrolling any serious research, they would find a way to f*** it up. They would most likely sell it all to Monsanto (who, by the way is the maker of Agent Orange as well as hirer of everyone’s favorite mercenary corporation, maker of GMO food, and seeking a worldwide monopoly as much as possible on the world’s food supply).

Here’s why of course. Though again I note that we also have a report that stated clearly that the order came from top levels of the Bush administration. We just didn’t get to discuss that because of the Boston Marathon bombing that happened when the report was released.

Notice also how there’s no outcry of “Leak! Leak! Someone leaked a CIA project! Let’s kill ’em!”

Anyway, one answer is simple, free, and coincidentally very, very gay: glitter. Also the ending of WWTFF. Guess I may as well post that when I can. Two years old or so, guess I just forgot what with all the torture and harassment.


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  1. […] would be, “Now we know what the CIA spent the $600,000 […]

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