NSA Surveillance and Remembering 9/11

The chairman of the House intelligence committee is defending the NSA surveillance of Americans by asking us to recall 9/11.

I agree. Let’s do that. Let’s do that by starting with asking why it is that 9/11 looks so much like OPERATION NORTHWOODS and why the chairman isn’t concerned about that.

Here it is again:

The National Security Archive (with a link to the original documents)

ABC News

Planned to conduct false-flag terror attacks on US soil. Planned to blow up a ship (like USS Cole). Planned to shoot down/blow up a plane with US college students on board.

These are the kinds of people trusted with our security. With holding nuclear weapons safe. With providing the President and Congress with information in order to make informed decisions. Willing to kill Americans in order to make political gain.

But wait. How could acts carried out by Al Qaeda be false-flag? You bet. Voice-to-skull, acoustic psycho-correction. Combined with whatever eggs were laid, seeds were planted in Afghanistan in the 80s (Charlie Wilson’s war era) and the 90s (University of Nevada, big energy meets with the Taliban era), it’s not only possible, it’s the only logical conclusion to make.

But then there’s the not so obvious question, that is not so obvious if you take the chairman’s intended cue and cower in fear, which Americans were involved in the 9/11 plot? Which Americans (with PRISM, we’re talking about everyone) need watching because of 9/11?

Well, I could suggest Dick Cheney (who tried to re-classify as many documents as possible including NORTHWOODS) and the generals who still dotted-line report to him. I could say Buzzy Krongard since his former trading company attempted to short-sell airline stock on 9/11 for an as yet unnamed client or clients. I could say George Tenet since he was away from Langley on the morning. I could say NSA since they were the ones who rewrote the history of the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Lots of behavior associated with guilt there.

But those are the kinds of people in charge of the security, intelligence, and defense systems.

Now I know I can say this same thing over and over again. Maybe there will be some movement and maybe there won’t.

But when you’re sitting there, not too far down the road, and Americans are both being blown up with drones and locked away in NDAA prisons without legal recourse, when Erik Prince is back as Secretary of Homeland Security, when the internet is policed and censored by the government so we can’t even discuss these issues, when war is a permanent state (well, that’s already true, isn’t it?), when Monsanto decides who gets to eat and who gets to starve…and more. Know that this was your chance to turn things around.

And that you blew it.