On the Potential Benefits of Thermonuclear War

An interesting summary of the situation we currently face. Written by a former assistant US Treasury secretary and Wall Street Journal associate editor and columnist. I’ve often sought Republicans who find this (mostly) neocon mess just as disgusting as I and people like Chris Hedges do, but have typically had trouble finding them. Knew they had to exist, though.

“Neocon nazis”. Think that sums it up fairly well (though it leaves out the part where the Democrats surrendered DC to them). I think it’s well worth the read unless you prefer not to know ahead of time that you will likely be disintegrated or die of radiation poisoning, or starve due to crashed infrastructure resulting from nukes going off.

Roberts is not alone in being conservative and critical, though. The narrowly failed initiative to curb (one of) the excesses of the NSA had considerable GOP support. And even partisan hack Lindsey Graham changed his mind about spying on seven AP reporters once it was told that there was one from FOX as well.

But, let’s see how the Pentagon’s/NATO’s first strike might turn out. I grossly oversimplify in order to basically ask, “Who benefits?”

SCENARIO A – The Chinese, only capable of striking a relatively small area compared to the US decide to hit mostly regions with high population densities. The Neocons win, since removing NY *, California, and Chicago means an overwhelming (sorry but largely true) uninformed, propagandized conservative majority that will serve as cannon fodder baby factories for their future misadventures. On the plus side, we’d be united again.

SCENARIO B – The Chinese are actually smarter than that and do the reverse. They instead tip the balance to the Left. They wipe out Tennessee, Texas (ending the border security debate) and Oklahoma to be sure. Also, having removed much lowly populated farmland, the US becomes dependent on other countries for food. That’s something they could potentially take advantage of if they have enough remaining infrastructure to do so. A loss for the neocons except in that “told you I could take it with me” kind of way.

But that’s the problem with B. They likely won’t have the infrastructure, so it’s more likely that they will do something more liable to make as much of the country uninhabitable as possible. And there you get into weather patterns, fallout behavior, and it gets harder to predict the outcome.

Kind of a crap shoot deciding where to live, idn’t it?

In any case, I look forward to the mainstream media making certain that we all believe it was a Chinese first strike instead of the other way around. It’ll be the uniting call: follow Chancellor Cheney **, as the lowest approval rating in history and not even technically being in office proves to not make a single goddam difference where policy is concerned. In fact, you gotta wonder if somehow power and popularity are somehow inversely proportional (though that doesn’t seem to be working for Obama).

Take it away, man in black!

“Deeeeeeeeespuh-righto…why don’t you come your senses?”

* Which on the plus side may temporarily reduce predatory greed on Wall Street.

** Not literally. He’ll be in hiding.


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