BBD – Batcrap Crazy

This, I hope, will to a degree illustrate what I mean in the Introduction to my new book, Wicked Game. When I said it’s possible to be an asset and not know it at the time, this is the example.

I’d been saving this one. It’s now around three years old.

As noted previously, I decided to give helping OFA (that was Organizing for America during the 2010 midterm elections, formerly Obama for America during the 2008 Presidential elections) a shot.

As you can see here, I wound up being Minnesota media director for OFA, which basically meant I was photographer during events. This photo was taken in October when Obama, Franken, and Klobuchar were stumping for Dayton for governor.


Okay, back. The photo.


(Earlier deleted by accident while making some edits. Taken without a zoom.)

Mind you, my “reward” for helping the Democrats was not an end to the harassment and torture and the promise of some kind of life, but rather some months with Heath until, as I stated on this blog previously, I had to call the police due to death threats on the evening before I left Minneapolis and during the trip found that my ex partner of 14+ years, friend for 25 years, had gotten married by looking at Facebook.

This is why I say that the Democrats are just us full of crap as the Republicans are when it comes to actually caring about Americans. It’s just a game to them and we are the pieces.

Back to the point.

I had volunteered to help. I was also looking for work and had assumed that networking with other democrats would lead to something. There were no calls. Emails were left unanswered.

Thinking that it was just a matter of time (though still becoming increasingly frustrated) I still showed up at events.

One event came on the heels of a spider bite to the left lower eyelid. Mere days before the Gay Pride Festival.

By that day I had to wear sunglasses because at least my lower eye seemed to resemble Jonah Hex’s face. I had no idea if it was permanent at the time either and had to psychologically adjust to the idea of a permanent, slight disfigurement. As I stated somewhere down below along with the photos, they always seemed to wash out the purple, so documenting it’s true disturbing appearance didn’t entirely pan out.

I went and worked the OFA/DFL booth. Towards the end, I got word that there was a PAC forming to unseat Michelle Bachmann.

I decided to go to the meeting. It was to take place at a restaurant near the park where the festival took place.

There, I met the local strategist. He was by some referred to as the Karl Rove of the Minnesota DFL.

Also, at least seemingly quite coincidentally, Lizz Winstead, co-creator and former producer of The Daily Show and Minnesota native, was seated nearby. I managed to make her laugh once. Not hard enough to get me a writing gig, but then I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time.

At any rate, the plan as it was laid out to me was that all that was required was a little money to show (correctly in my estimation) that Bachmann was not really a small government libertarian but actually a big spender. The race being close enough would swing things to her challenger. Her district has many libertarians in it.

“How do you keep this secret?” I asked.

“You don’t,” the DFL strategist replied.

So, broke, homelessness looming, Gay Pride fun ruined by an apparent arachnid bite (that might have been permanent), I suddenly got angry.

I called both of Bachmann’s offices and told them about the PAC (called RATPAC, as I recall).

Then, not ten minutes later I am suddenly barraged by images of people scrambling in Bachmann’s offices. Mass hysteria.

I start laughing.

The point: Bachmann’s seat was safe. She raised more money than any Congressional race in history, more than many Senatorial races. That money was wasted and not spent in other closer races.

I got work and other calls started almost immediately. The eye healed, the bumpy skin just peeled away one day.

Now, extrapolate that to anyone you want. Al Qaeda. Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Dzhokar Tsarnaev, Jared Lee Loughner, and James Eagan Holmes. The Tea Party. The Militia. The KKK.

Voice-to-skull, acoustic psycho-correction, and other means of manipulating emotions and thoughts including black ops like what caused the temporary necrosis of skin under my left eye, wrecked my relationships, prevents me from acquiring gainful employment. This applies to all sorts of people.

Maybe Bachmann herself:

ThinkProgress – Phony Muslim Brotherhood Connection Propagated by FOX

See how the game is played? See how these two titans thrash about smashing innocent people in their wake? See why I don’t give a flying f*** which comes out on top? See the country being destroyed by this nonsense?

See why I have no choice?

In a way, Bachmann has a point. But it’s not that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over the US government. It’s that NATO, GLADIO, likely runs the Muslim Brotherhood.

Finally, I’d be remiss by not mentioning that “Weiner’s weiner” is about neutralizing a politician who wanted us out of Iraq. Same sort of mind games as above directed and used in a different way.

Hillary might have been wrong about the “rightwing” part, but it is clearly a conspiracy, largely mercenary in nature but also fascistic (which despite neocon attempts to distort history is rightwing. That nazis might have formerly been radically left first is also true about the neocons. “Liberals mugged by reality,” William Kristol’s father said).