Calling BS on Climate-Violence Link?

BBC – Rise in violence ‘linked to climate change’ (mobile version) *

This story, and yeah I am suspicious of it being a CIA PSYOP (with help from their mates across the Pond), is full of psychological land-mines. It is Berkeley after all, once home to some alleged MK/Ultra activity involving Ted Kaczynski. But…

To call it phony is to A) reject another possible negative effect of climate change and B) to say (if you go general and sweeping) that things like hot days don’t affect deaths in the ghetto (they do just because people are outside more) or C) and to discount climate change affects on food production (likely deserves several studies all on their own since that wasn’t the focus, likely hokey conclusions there on their part).

Naturally, there might be fights over water and food during droughts.

To call the report correct, however, is to A) justify military buildups and squashing of civil rights (if that’s what you think should be done as opposed to, I don’t know, coming up with ways to slow, reverse the effects or deal constructively with them?) and B) mostly only relevant to me and people like me, have to accept an alternate explanation for things like James Eagan Holmes’ rampage.

It also would tend to (the report mentions rape) excuse the US military’s rape epidemic. Look for an updated IG report stating simply: “It was really hot out there.”

I like this dude at the end:

Work published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggested that this environmental factor was not to blame for civil war in Africa.

Instead, Dr Halvard Buhaug, from the Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway, concluded that the conflict was linked to other factors such as high infant mortality, proximity to international borders and high local population density.

Commenting on the latest research, he said: “I disagree with the sweeping conclusion (the authors) draw and believe that their strong statement about a general causal link between climate and conflict is unwarranted by the empirical analysis that they provide.

“I was surprised to see not a single reference to a real-world conflict that plausibly would not have occurred in the absence of observed climatic extremes. If the authors wish to claim a strong causal link, providing some form of case validation is critical.”

* The title should read: “US scientists report link between climate change and rise in violence”. Or “CIA fills air with corporate/defense industry bulls*** as usual, here’s the sports page.”

Mine would be, “Now we know what the CIA spent the $600,000 on.”


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