Not “Comparable”

Story Leak – Merger of two large ad agencies may lead to comparable database to NSA’s

I say not comparable because it is far more likely that they will just get the data from the US government. That is, it’s the same thing, not two separate but similar things. Such is corporatocracy, aka fascism.

Why not? Snowden explained that he, as a low-level subcontractor working at Booz Allen Hamilton, could access anyone’s data, listen to anyone’s phone calls.

Being able to sell you better (think automated, targeted marketing on steroids ’cause now they know everything about you) also applies to selling you political ideology, on wars you pay for and risk family members to fight, clamping down on discourse and debate in favor of whatever the crooks want, and ruining your life because they know you better than you know yourself. It’s all about an upwards redistribution of wealth.

In fact, it recently occurred to me that besides engaging in insider trading, the people at CIA and NSA who spied on my clients, likely engaged in corporate espionage and sold the insider trading information as well. (Probably will have to update Wicked Game as I go. For example, did they sell the information garnered from spying on Philip Morris to R.J. Reynolds, Liggett, etc.? Give the information to stock brokers who would later “scratch their back”?).

The way it often works is that the person who compromises their position for another entity keeps track of what is owed them without actually receiving the money until they leave their post. Then, the people who “owe” them (for the selling of information in this case) bankroll their private endeavor.

And I don’t see any reason why the government wouldn’t just share the data anyway apart from such subcontractors wanting the payoff.

Likely the same with these people and would line up nicely with what Thomas Drake described as NSA officers creating fake threats in order to go into business for themselves and take contracts for the phony threats that they came up with while on the inside. Another way of ripping off people by abusing the power and trust given them.

The attempted short-selling of airline stock on 9/11, and the high likelihood that it was just  NORTHWOODS revisted, a successful false-flag attack, explains adequately where the emphasis is: personal financial gain and influence.

The level of criminality in and around Washington is so high that I think it’s greatest protection is to be so bad as to be unthinkably so. We can’t believe that we don’t have better protections. This I think explains that pretty well. WIRED’s analysis of votes on limiting NSA/Top Secret America’s power and contributions from the military industrial complex. There it is: Boehner and Pelosi united against the American people.

It’s politics as usual. And that usually means the American public gets screwed while some people complain, do nothing, and also reap the benefits.


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