DEA Lies, DSM5 Is Less Orwellian, and Wicked Game cont.

Raw Story – Secretive Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) unit told to cover-up massive spy program used to investigate Americans

This reminds me of SHAMROCK. NSA provided information to their “clients” even though it was used for non-national security purposes.

In this case, DEA covers up how they got the original information by creating falsehoods about the beginning of the investigations. It makes their jobs easier despite being what was illegal back when he had the Rule of Law, but once you start down that road, what’s to stop just making the whole thing up?

Meanwhile, the new DSM has made improvements where the definition of delusion is concerned. The article mentions the Martha Mitchell Effect and describes what happened to her. I covered the naming of the effect back here.

There is hope that at least whistleblowers may not be accused of being delusional quite as easy by reputable mental health professionals.

The Guardian / The Observer – You needn’t be wrong to be called delusional

No longer are psychiatrists asked to decide whether the patient has “a false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everyone else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary”. A wordy and unhelpful definition that has so many logical holes you could drive a herd of unicorns through it.

Instead, the new definition of delusions describes them as fixed beliefs that are unswayed by clear or reasonable contradictory evidence, which are held with great conviction and are likely to share the common themes of psychosis: paranoia, grandiosity, bodily changes and so on. The belief being false is no longer central and this step forward makes it less likely that uncomfortable claims can be dismissed as signs of madness.

And this is where the larger issue lies. As happened with Martha Mitchell, claims against authorities are often dismissed by suggesting that the person has mental health problems.

And of course Wicked Game Chapter 8, “We Might Be Laughing a Bit Too Loud…” here and Chapter 9, “A Dog’s Tail”, over here.


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