BBD – An Eye and an Eye

I’ve been mostly ignoring the on-the-ground local covert mischief around here. This is mostly due to being focused on documenting what happened and writing it up in Wicked Game.

I’ve also been waiting to get the final word on some of them. Here’s, I suppose, the most interesting and disturbing piece.

As you may recall (see “Batcrap Crazy” below) I got what appeared to be a spider bite on an eye Summer of 2010.

More recently, a friend of Michigander Ron woke and found half his face paralyzed. The doctors decided that this was somehow due to a mosquito bite he got when on a boat (with Ron) the day before.

The condition progressed and the other side of his face started going numb as well. They described it as a non-stroke due to some kind of infection the mosquito carried.

Whether that was due to (see again first paragraph under the behmod link at top) or some kind of weapon that emulates insect bites, well we don’t know.

Obama has promised a review of NSA programs. He also said that he cannot see how Edward Snowden is a patriot. * He had, Obama says, other avenues to pursue if he was bothered by what he saw.

I tried those other avenues. Mark from Technodyne tried those other avenues. I think there’s evidence that Bradley Manning tried those other avenues, as had many others with things like the various torture scandals.

What is clear is that the United States government is not at all interested in being told where and how it is breaking the law and ripping off taxpayers. Rather, it is interested in driving people who notice to suicide.

The drive for profits, for opening new markets is the top priority for at least two, if not all three, branches of government. Doesn’t matter, clearly, who you elect. The result is the same.

There’s more, like attempting to “herd” me toward the militia, but it’s really not all that interesting as of yet. (This is the second time. The first was in 2010 in Minneapolis.)

* “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” ― Thomas Paine – See more at:

Sibel Edmonds always comes up with the best quotes.


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