Corrections, the Link that Wouldn’t Die

It turns out that the “Robert Holmes was going to testify on LIBOR” meme took off and got so bad that the US Senate stated that he was not ever scheduled for that. (Interesting because I thought it was going to be the House anyway, but…).

He does however work at FICO. He is a statistician there.

Keeping in mind that the shooting took place on July 20, 2012, check out this link:



July 7, 2012. The essence of that first post is, “This LIBOR scandal is really big news in the UK, why no mention in the US?” On FICO’s message board.

While I would think that July 7 to July 20 seems an awfully small window to turn someone into a crazed killer, what I think is missing is the question of when FICO itself became aware of the scandal and what they did about it internally. Certainly NSA would know because they’ve made it their business to know-it-all (and imply, through Michael Hayden that they also know better about how you should live).

The question of testifying / not testifying was part of damage control, a straw man question that once it was knocked down, seemed to knock down the whole connection.

That’s how PSYOPs work.



  1. […] Here’s an alternate answer to that question: The Fed needs to be audited but hasn’t been, just like Libor. […]

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