German Author Fingers Gottlieb for Phony Grassy Knoll IDs

Press TV Israel – JFK assassination a CIA coup d’état: German author

“JFK had made definitive steps to end the Cold War. He had denied the involvement of the army in the Bay of Pigs invasion, which he had inherited from his predecessor, he had solved the missile crisis in Cuba through direct and secret contact with the Soviet-leader Khrushchev, he had ensured a nuclear test-stop with the Soviets, and he had ordered the withdrawal from Vietnam. All this against the will of the military, the CIA, and even against many members of his own administration,” Broeckers said.

“These IDs were fakes but the FBI and the Warren Commission didn’t investigate this at all. Only in the 80s it came out who was responsible for the printing of Secret Service IDs and passes at that time: it was the CIAs Technical Division, headed by Sydney Gottlieb of ‘MK Ultra’ fame.”

See what I mean? It’s not about national security, just the financial security of a few and their pet thugs.

The point of MKULTRA, of mind control, was always to trick, control the American people. The collusion between some corporatists and the German government in the thirties (and indeed, somewhat into the forties) was always about “Maybe this fascism thing makes labor cheaper.” Essentially the same with Operation GLADIO.


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